Bounty vs Brawny | What’s the Better Paper Towel?

Do you browse the supermarket wondering what the best paper towels are?

The two main players on the market, Bounty and Brawny, have similar traits but different capabilities in terms of durability and absorption. Bounty seems to take the lead during many different tests, showing that their products have higher absorption rates and greater strength.

What’s the Difference Between Bounty and Brawny?

Bounty Paper Towels

It was in 1957 that Procter & Gamble purchased Charmin® from Green Bay, a Wisconsin-based tissue producer. As a case in point, Charmin Towels was an all-purpose single-ply towel manufactured using a traditional papermaking method.

Because the company saw the ongoing demand for paper towels, they began to research this in-depth. Trying to bring something different compared to what other brands were advertising, Bounty was a brand that focused on delivering the concept of “absorbency”.

Bounty Quick-Size Paper Towels, White, 12 Family Rolls = 30 Regular Rolls

The Charmin Towels were consequently replaced to introduce the 2-ply towels. They had a softer surface, were thicker, and were significantly more absorbent compared to all the other towels on the market.

What Products Does Bounty Offer?

Bounty Quick-Size

The product line called Bounty Quick-Size promises to deliver more sheets per pack. It’s important to mention that Quick Size sheets measure 11 x 5.7 inches per sheet. For comparison, Select-a-Size sheets measure 11 x 5.9 inches each.

Bounty Select-a-Size

The Select-a-Size sheets by Bounty will allow you to choose the size that you find most convenient. That means it can tackle messes of different sizes. They are advertised as being twice more absorbent compared to other paper tower brands.

A cool feature is that you have multiple print sizes to choose from. It’s mostly an aesthetics thing, as they all look cool. The three available sizes are regular, double, and triple.

Bounty Essentials

Bounty Essentials is another line of paper towels released by the brand. It promises to deliver durability and a high level of absorption to tackle daily spills and messes. They are advertised as being Bounty’s most cost-effective solution.

Bounty Advanced

Bounty also offers their Bounty Advanced paper towels, which are very similar to their other models. The Advanced series is their older name and they have moved on to their new names like quick-size and select a size.

What are the Ingredients in Bounty Paper Towels?

Bounty Paper Towels have 4 main ingredient categories:

  • Wood pulp and water are ingredients found in nature. The pulp is extracted from softwood and hardwood trees.
  • Printing ink, which is used in paper towels that have decorative patterns.
  • Water-based adhesive, which holds the plies together and the entire roll attached to the cardboard core.
  • Conditioners, added to make the paper towels softer or stronger.

Brawny Paper Towels

Brawny® Pick-A-Size® Paper Towels, 12 Double Rolls = 24 Regular Rolls

Brawny is a paper towel brand that bears the label Georgia-Pacific. Towels and other toiletries, paper, pulp, building products, and related chemicals are all manufactured and distributed by Georgia-Pacific LLC in Atlanta, Georgia. Brawny’s one of the world’s top pulp and paper makers and distributors.

It’s also been present since the mid-’60s when the term “brawny” first appeared. They’re well known for their “Brawny guy” lumberjack, who first appeared in the ’70s and has appeared on every roll ever since.
Brawny has long been associated with the rugged lumberjack, but in 2017, the company unveiled the Brawny lady. She wore the same flannel blouse and red lipstick to celebrate Women’s History Month.

What Products Does Brawny Offer?

Brawny Pick-A-Size

Whether it’s wiping down surfaces, picking up spills, cleaning up messes, or absorbing liquids, you can Brawny Pick-A-Size. Consider this to be the equivalent of Bounty Select-a-Size. You have three roll sizes to choose from – L, XL, and XXL.

Brawny Full Sheet

Strong and absorbent, Brawny® Full Sheet Paper Towels are great for cleaning big surfaces. There is no problem too big for them to handle. They are ideal for food preparation and cooking, as well as wiping bathroom and kitchen surfaces. They provide up to 35 more feet per pack with 6 rolls.

Brawny Tear-a-Square

Brawny Tear-A-Square Paper Towels, 16 Double Rolls = 32 Regular Rolls, 3 Sheet Size Options, Quarter Size Sheets

Brawny quarter-size sheets are an excellent choice when you need a smaller sheet size but still want the same level of durability and strength. You get to choose between the different sheet sizes, all available on the same roll. That helps you tackle small and large projects alike because you get to decide how much product to use.

Brawny Smart Flex

If you’re looking for a sturdy, absorbent paper towel with a wide range of sizes, go no further than Brawny Smart Flex. To tackle any size project, you can use a full, half, or quarter sheet. Brawny Smart Flex allows you to use just the appropriate number of towels for each purpose, from napkins to coasters to cleaning up a spill.

What are the Ingredients in Brawny Paper Towels?

Wood fibers are the primary ingredient of Brawny paper towels, as well as other paper goods.

Bounty vs Brawny

Which Paper Towel Is Most Absorbent?

Bounty and Brawny competed against one other in a recent liquid absorption test. Tossing Brawny around in a pool of water for 60 seconds, however, left its sides dry.

To put this in perspective, a similar experiment was conducted using Bounty and the outcomes were nearly identical. Bounty, on the other hand, demonstrated that it is the best paper towel for absorbing liquids because the liquid concentration was higher with Bounty.

Which Paper Towel is the Strongest?

The easiest way to test the absorbency of paper towels you can stretch them across a bowl and put some weight on them to see how much they can hold. The Brawny paper towel can hold about 1.5 pounds before it rips apart. Bounty paper towels, however, can hold an impressive 2.7 pounds before it rips.

Which Paper Towel is More Affordable?

The prices of these two paper towel brands are pretty close to each other. It’s important to note that Bounty has more sizes to offer than Brawny.

Which Paper Towel offers Better Size Selection?

While some might argue that Bounty has a better size selection, Brawny has a very unique product in the Tear-a-Square line.
Imagine that each of the squares in the rolls is divided into four smaller squares, allowing more control over how much of the paper towel you use. If you need a small square as a coaster, for example, you can only rip out that one small part.

Bounty Related Questions

Does Bounty Make Napkins?

Product of Bounty Quilted Paper Napkins, 800 ct. - White - Paper Towels & Napkins [Bulk Savings]

Bounty indeed produces napkins. They are available with multiple prints and are good for everyday messes.

Does Bounty Make Toilet Paper?

Bounty does not manufacture toilet paper. Their range of products includes napkins and paper towels. However, the parent company (P&G) makes Charmin toilet paper.

What Happened to Bounty with Dawn?

Bounty with Dawn were disposable detergent towels. These products were discontinued.

What Company Makes Bounty Paper Towels?

Bounty Paper Towels are made by Procter & Gamble. P&G is the largest FMCG in the world and has more than 60 brands that are sold all over the world.

How Can You Contact Bounty?

Bounty has a contact form on its website. By accessing this platform, you can discover their email address and also how to contact them by phone.

Brawny Related Questions

Did Brawny Go Bankrupt?

A press release from 2017 states that the company that makes Brawny paper towels has filed for U.S. Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In this press release, you learn the company was fighting the claims that its products caused asbestos-related diseases.

Does Brawny Make Toilet Paper?

No, Brawny does not make toilet paper.

Does Brawny Make Napkins?

Brawny doesn’t make napkins per se. However, it makes a variety of paper towels that can be used as napkins. It also makes cleaning towels, food service clothes, and disposable towels.

What Company Makes Brawny Paper Towels?

Georgia-Pacific Consumer Products LP is the company behind Brawny Paper Towels.

How Can You Contact Brawny?

Brawny also has a contact form on its website. You can complete the information on the contact form, but you also have the option to live chat with a customer support representative, you have a phone number if you want to call the company, and you can mail them as well.

The Verdict – What’s the Better Paper Towel?

A clear winner would be difficult to discern if you were only looking at the price. There are a lot of Amazon deals that make it advantageous to buy products from either of these two brands.

In terms of durability and absorption, Bounty is the clear winner in this category. In addition to providing better absorbency, these paper towels are also more durable.

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