9 Easy Ways to Help Keep Fitted Sheets on Your Bed

Keeping fitted sheets on your bed can be a surprisingly frustrating task. No matter the mattress and no matter the sheet brand, sometimes fitted sheets just don’t stay on!

If you are looking for some easy ways to help keep fitted sheets on your bed, here’s our handy guide full of tips and tricks so that you can accomplish this goal. Plus, we’ll include some helpful answers for buying properly sized sheets in the first place.

Let’s get started!

Why Do My Bed Sheets Keep Coming Off?

There are many reasons why your bed sheets keep coming off. It could be because your sheets are too slippery or silky and they naturally slip. More likely however, you have ill-fitted sheets for your mattress.

The trouble with fitted sheets is that they can come loose if they are both too tight and too loose. Tight sheets will stretch and warp their elasticity, more likely leading to snaps and accidental slippage.

Sheets that are too loose can also slip off with ease, as they are more likely to bunch up and get pulled off while sleeping. This is especially true if you are buying sheets that are too large for your bed.

If you have a mattress that is either much larger or smaller than the average mattress, you are more likely to experience issues with your fitted sheets. Having a mattress cover can be beneficial or harmful in terms of keeping your sheets on and in a secure position.

Let’s take a look at some other helpful tips to keeping your fitted sheets on.

How to Keep Fitted Sheets on Your Bed

If you’ve struggled to keep your fitted sheets in place for some time, here are our top ways to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

1. Use Sheet Holder Corner Straps Raytour Bed Sheet Holder Straps Sheet Stays Keepers Bedsheet Holders Fasteners

Did you know that they make elastic corner straps to hold your fitted sheets in place? Check out this product from RayTour on Amazon. These suspender-like gadgets are perfect for your fitted sheets and large mattress.

Simply clip them to your fitted sheet corners and the design of the product will keep them in place. Much like suspenders, these straps are adjustable to fit the precise corner and dimensions of your fitted sheet.

Some reviewers mentioned that they wish the clips were a bit more heavy duty, but overall the product has very high reviews. These straps are also budget-friendly, so it’s worth taking a look and trying them out if you have issues with your sheets time and time again.

2. Buy Deep SheetsExtra Deep Pocket Sheets - 6 Piece Sheet Set - Queen Sheets Deep Pocket- Extra Deep Pocket Queen Sheets - Deep Fitted Sheet Set - Extra Deep Pocket Queen Size Sheets - Easily Fits Extra Deep Mattress

Another option for you to try is to purchase a set of deep sheets. But what are deep sheets? Deep sheets are designed for thick and tall mattresses, ones with larger corners that you can’t seem to fit in a standard set of sheets.

By putting a set of deep sheets on your bed, you are giving yourself more room in the pockets or corners of the fitted sheets. This new depth is only in the corners of the sheet; you aren’t purchasing sheets in a larger size, leading to an even worse fit!

While these sheets are best if you have a particularly large or thick mattress, it’s worth a try if your fitted sheet corners always pop off when you least expect it. I recommend this set of deep sheets from CGK Unlimited. You can check them out on Amazon by clicking here.

This particular sheet set comes in just about every mattress size and almost 20 colors. They are also made of a material that isn’t very slippery, which should help you keep your corners in place.

3. The Rubber Hugger Sheet Holder RUBBER HUGGER The The Bed Sheet Holder Band – New Approach for Keeping Your Sheets On Your Mattress – No Sheet Straps, Sheet Clips, Grippers, or Fasteners. (Large Size for King Mattress)

If you have trouble lifting your mattress but still struggle to keep your fitted sheet in place, check out this product from RUBBER HUGGER. This easy-to-use elastic band goes around the outside of your mattress, hugging both your fitted and top sheet in place.

While it may not be the most attractive, you can hide this elastic underneath your duvet or comforter, leading to a more finished look. It simply cinches your mattress all the way around, which means your fitted sheet will have no choice but to stay on!

4. Tie Opposite Corners Together

You can keep your fitted sheets in place with just a few common household items. All you need to do is tie the opposite corners of your fitted sheet together, and here’s how.

Attach a clip or safety pin to one corner of your fitted sheet. Make sure this clip has a ring on it that you can tie a string or rope to. Attach the rope to this ring, and thread the string underneath your mattress to the opposite corner.

The opposite corner should also have a clip and ring attached to it. Once you have tied your rope from one corner to the other, you should have enough tension and stability to keep your fitted sheet in place!

While it may take some adjusting and you’ll need to remove the clips or safety pins before washing your sheets, this option is excellent for those of you on a budget. It’s also a much more subtle look than the Rubber Hugger option listed above.

5. Increase the FrictionSure2Sleep Gel Swirl Memory Foam Mattress Topper Made in USA 2-Inch (Full)

Friction can help the sheet stay in place. Here are some examples of increasing fiction under your sheets:

  • Place a rug pad under your fitted sheet. While rug pads are easy to get your hands on, these may not be the most comfortable to sleep on top of, depending on their material and finish. However, they are designed to keep rugs in place, so they should keep your sheet in place!
  • Use a memory foam mattress topper. The foamy materials used in mattress toppers can help keep your fitted sheet in place, though you may need a sheet set with deeper pockets. However, memory foam toppers are naturally more grippy than mattresses; these are ideal if you toss and turn a lot during the night.

If you’re looking for a reliable memory foam mattress topper, check out this cooling option on Amazon. It is designed to relieve pressure throughout the body and should help keep your fitted sheets in place.

6. Use Zippered Fitted Bed SheetsQuickZip Fitted Sheet - Includes 1 Fitted Sheet Base & 2 Zip-On Sheets - Easy to Change, Fold & Wash King Sheet - Soft Sateen 400 TC Cotton Fitted Sheets – 17.5” Deep Pockets King Size Sheets – Sand

If you’re looking for an entirely new method of making your bed, check out these zippered fitted sheets from QuickZip, available on Amazon by clicking here. These sheets may be a bit pricey, but they offer you a much easier solution to making your bed- especially if you struggle with the corners of your fitted sheets.

Simply attach the lower section of the sheets around the entirety of your mattress, like it’s wearing a belt. You can then zip the bottom sheet to this belt by laying it across your mattress and zipping it into place. You no longer need to worry about lifting up your mattress to fit your sheets.

This set doesn’t include pillowcases or a top sheet, but it will make your fitted/bottom sheet a much easier option to change out frequently, especially because you can leave the zippered belt in place.

7. SheetLock Bed Sheet FastenerSheetLock Bed Sheet Fastener Set- Premium Bed Sheet Holders to Keep Sheets Tight - Top Sheet Grippers for All Bed Types- Best Hidden Bed Sheet Suspenders (Large)

Another possibility for keeping your fitted sheet in place is to use a product known as the SheetLock Bed Sheet Fastener, available on Amazon. This innovative elastic strap attaches to your mattress, with a locking mechanism that you can put your fitted sheets into.

The little plastic lock attaches to the outside of your fitted sheet after you have put it on in an ideal position. Lock your fitted sheet in place, and now you can easily change them whenever your bedclothes need changing.

Some reviewers mention the locking mechanism being unreliable, or that it leaves small holes in their sheets. I recommend reading the reviews for yourself before you make your final purchase.

8. Sew on Elastic

Looking for another DIY method that works without damaging your sheets or breaking the bank? You can sew your own elastic straps onto each corner of your fitted sheet so that it is less likely to slip off during the night.

You’ll need a reliable way to measure your sheets, and a sewing machine to speed the process along. However, with a few inches of elastic and an amateur understanding of a sewing machine, you can get your fitted sheets cooperating!

Sew the elastic across each corner so that the ends are placed equally. This elastic band will remain under your mattress during the night, keeping your fitted sheet in place even if the pockets happen to snap off.

9. Buy the Correct Size Bed Sheets

Sometimes all it takes is simply buying the correct sheets. Many people assume that sheets are like clothes: just buy the next size up if a sheet doesn’t fit. However, this affects the overall length and width of the sheet more than it affects the corner pockets.

You may have more luck purchasing sheets with deep pockets or corners rather than upgrading your queen sheets to king sized sheets. This is especially true if you have a tall bed with mattress toppers involved.

Sometimes, sheets simply wear out. Your current set may be experiencing some elasticity issues, or perhaps it has shrunk after too many sessions in the dryer. No matter what, you can always replace your sheets and try something new!

Keeping Fitted Sheets on Your Bed FAQs

Still have questions about how to keep fitted sheets on your bed? Let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions now to give you the knowledge you need.

How to Determine What Size Your Fitted Sheet is?

Your fitted sheet should be whatever size you purchased (full, queen, king, etc). However, if you didn’t purchase your sheets or can’t remember what size you purchased, there are a few ways to determine what size your fitted sheet is.

Many sheet sets will say what size they are on the tag, usually found in one of the corner pockets. However, if this tag is nowhere to be found, you may need to get your tape measure out and hand measure it for yourself.

There are average sheet measurements available on the internet so that you don’t have to go searching too far. For example, the average full size sheet measures roughly 50-60 inches wide to 70-75 inches long.

How to Measure your Bed for a Fitted Sheet?

The best way of determining what size fitted sheet you need is to measure your mattress. You can do this easily at home using a tape measure. You will want to take the time to measure your mattress’s width, length, and height or depth.

Measure from the top of your mattress (where the headboard is) all the way down the middle to the foot of the bed. This will be your bed’s overall length. Then, measure from left to right, across the middle of your mattress. This will be your width.

Your mattress’s depth should be determined with any mattress toppers already in place. Then, measure from the toppers all the way down to the bottom of the mattress. This will be the measurement you use for depth, or height, and it will likely determine whether or not you need deep pocket fitted sheets.

Are Full and Queen Sheets Different Sizes?

Yes, full and queen sheets are different sizes. There is an average of 4-6 inches between the two sizes, with queen bed sheets being the larger of the two. Most full sheets measure 54”X75”, while queen sheets measure 60”X80”. The difference will be stark if you are trying to fit a full fitted sheet onto a queen sized mattress!

Will a King Fitted Sheet Fit a Queen Mattress?

Yes, a king fitted sheet will technically fit a queen mattress. However, it will be larger than a queen mattress, which may lead to problems with keeping your fitted sheet in place. King sheets usually measure an average of 2-4 inches more across than the average queen sheet.

This will mean that you can definitely use king sheets on your queen mattress, especially if you have a very tall mattress topper to contend with. However, know that this size of sheet isn’t made to fit your queen sized bed perfectly.

Final Thoughts

Keeping fitted sheets on your bed is a common issue dealt with by homeowners around the world. Thankfully, there are many solutions out there for various lifestyles and budgets. Hopefully you have found a solution in this article that works well for you!