7 Ways to Clean Baseboards with a Bad Back

As baseboards are doing their best to keep the walls protected, we have to show them some love by cleaning. If we don’t clean them regularly, there will be a lot of grime, stains, crumbs, buildup, etc. This is certainly not good for your health.

Clean baseboards always add extra sophistication to your place. But, cleaning them with a bad back can be a huge price for a clean space so, there are several quick ways to ensure spick and span space using helpful tools and ideas.

A neat space admires human beings to behave well and stay organized. It also reflects responsible actions and a hygienic environment. So, let’s find out the ways to clean it and then keep it clean for a longer time.

Is It Hard on Your Back to Clean Baseboards?

Well, ask your back if it is willing to bend without pain. If the answer is yes, then it’s not hard for you. But, if your back hurts and seeks help, then surely it’s hard for you.

Cleaning baseboards and having pain issues are mostly associated with poor posture. And, there can be several reasons behind it, such as a previous accident, surgery, disease, compromised immunity, weak bones, age factor, etc. Whatever the reason, if your back hurts while cleaning the baseboard, you should find an alternative method or try tools specifically designed to clean baseboards.

Can You Clean Baseboards Without Bending Over?

Absolutely! You can. I would like to say people with back issues must try cleaning without bending or kneeling. People who are doing well should also be careful while cleaning because cleaning jobs usually end up in bad posture. And, bad posture for a long time leads to lifelong aches and pains in the body.

How to Clean Baseboards with a Bad Back?

To clean the baseboards without bending, you need long tools which don’t let your back take a lot of stress. Let’s check out how and which tools are required:

1. Use the Baseboard Buddy Baseboard Buddy – Baseboard & Molding Cleaning Tool! Includes 1 Baseboard Buddy and 3 Reusable Cleaning Pads, As Seen on TV

This buddy is a real friend who comes to the rescue when you need it the most. A baseboard buddy is specifically designed to clean stubborn dust, dirt, grime, stains, molding, etc.

The rod handle is lightweight and can extend up to four feet which makes it really convenient for you to reach any place either high up or down low. The real good thing is the cleaning head, specifically designed to reach all sides of the baseboard.

The cleaning head does a great job because of its shape and material. It’s made up of fine-quality microfibre which traps dirt and grime very easily and if you need to get rid of stubborn mold, a wet head and a good wipe can simply bring back the lost grace.

There are some interesting features of this product which must be mentioned here to give you a clear picture of how useful it can be in your life.

  • The head can rotate 360 degrees ensuring the least effort and maximum cleaning.
  • Microfibre head pads are reusable. Rinse, clean, and let it dry.
  • You can snap off the head part for easy cleaning and storage.
  • So many uses such as cleaning fireplace mantels, railing, and every nook and corner of your place.
  • Telescopic handle design to access hard-to-reach areas as well as easy storage.

This is a real cleaning buddy!

2. Use the DocaPole 20-Foot Reach Baseboard Cleaner and Wall Duster DocaPole 20 Foot Reach Baseboard Cleaner and Wall Duster with 5-12 Foot Extension Pole; Includes Washable Chenille Microfiber Cloth Head Usable by Hand or with Long Handle Pole

This product is also great when it comes to cleaning high up to the ceiling and down low to the floor. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, DocaPole is the answer. It has various products available and offers a diverse range of attachments for a squeaky clean environment.

The pole is extendable which allows you to enjoy pain-free cleaning especially when it comes to your backache. Do you know the best thing about this product? There is a universal threaded tip which means that you can use so many different types, shapes, and sizes of attachments to meet your cleaning goals without any cleaning stress.

3. Clean them Using a Vacuum with a Dust Brush Attachment RAYIOU Round Dust Brush 25mm Soft Horse Hair 1.25” Vacuum Attachment Replacement with 1-1/4" to 1-3/8 Horse Adapter

Every time you are on a cleaning mission with your vacuum, you need another great attachment for your weapon to be more productive. A round dust brush attachment helps with extracting dirt, crumbs from your car, pet hair hiding in corners, can refresh curtains, ensure spotless furniture, whiter than white ceilings or door frames, etc.

If your vacuum doesn’t have a dust brush attachment or is somehow misplaced, you can buy a new one easily. One thing you must make sure of is that the diameter of the product is compatible with your vacuum cleaner.

4. Wipe the Dust with a Swiffer Swiffer Sweeper 2-in-1 Mops for Floor Cleaning, Dry and Wet Multi Surface Floor Cleaner, Sweeping and Mopping Starter Kit, Includes 1 Mop + 19 Refills, 20 Piece Set

If you like to maintain your house regularly then using a duster or Swiffer sweeper is a handy tool to keep your baseboards spotless.

If you choose a duster, then find one with a long rod/extendable rod to avoid any pain sprain/strain. If you already have a rod with a universal threaded tip, simply buy the duster head and you are good to go for mission cleaning. Duster heads are available in various sizes and material types. Choose the one that fits your needs well.

If you want to go with a Swiffer sweeper, which I personally prefer, then choose the size you think can work better for your baseboard design. A perfect size means one nice sweep with Swiffer and it’s clean. What a relief!

5. Use Multi-Head Duster Cleaning Kit with Extension Pole Duster with Extension Pole for Cleaning Ceiling Fans, High Ceilings, in Addition, Dusters for Cleaning Can Also Be Used for Low Places Cleaning, Such As Cabinets, Sofas, and Other Small Spaces.

What can be better than a collection of various dusters, all in different shapes, sizes, and material types? One can keep the dust miles away from their home. And, the great thing is the extension pole, which means you can reach anywhere in the house without any trouble. This is the time to wipe off all the dust and dirt.

Some of the best features of this multi-head duster cleaning kit with extension pole are:

  • The dusters are made up of split fiber technology which means as you rub it while cleaning, it will be electrostatically charged, attracting more and more particles. It can easily pick up hair, pollen, dust, and other unwanted particles from surfaces.
  • The extension pole can be extended up to 100 inches, and it is designed to clean the weird and hidden areas as well.
  • There are nine different brushes that are highly functional. This is so appealing to a person like me who is a clean freak.
  • The heads are reusable and easy to clean. You can wash it by hand or throw it into the washing machine.

6. Brush with a Soft Broom

Brush with a Soft Broom

In most homes, soft brooms are lying along with other cleaning tools. So, you can just grab your soft broom to brush away the dust, crumbs, pet hair, and other small particles.

In case, you don’t have a soft broom or a duster, and you are looking for an instant solution, you can wrap a microfibre cloth around the sturdy bristles of your broom. This is how you can avoid hard bristles ruining the grace of your baseboards. The soft microfibre will attract all the dust, and other fine particles leaving your baseboards bright and white again.

I would like to recommend you clean the baseboards whenever you vacuum or sweep the floor.

7. Mop the Baseboards

Mop the Baseboards

If you ask me, I would highly recommend mopping the baseboards once in a while, especially if you have pets or children. But, never use a very wet mop. You want to extract as much water as possible before the mop head touches the baseboard. It should be 80% dry.

Just to avoid this wet mop issue, you can simply spray some spray designed to clean baseboards, and wipe it clean with a dry mop or simply use a terry cloth.

How Can You Prevent Dust Build-Up on Your Baseboards?

Although we have discussed so many ways to clean the baseboards, if you don’t want to clean them often or because of back pain issues you cannot clean them, there are some ways you can keep the baseboards cleaner for a longer time.

So, the trick is to use dryer sheets after cleaning. Dryer sheets are made up of lubricants, fabric softeners, and other ingredients thus they create an invisible barrier on the baseboards. After cleaning your baseboards properly, rub clean them with dryer sheets in the end and enjoy the brighter baseboards for a longer time.

You can keep your baseboards cleaner for longer with this trick, but it depends on how you live and if you have tiny humans or pets at home, there is a good chance, longer doesn’t really mean a very long time.

Do Certain Baseboard Designs Accumulate More Dust?

It is assumed that flat-shaped baseboards accumulate more dust/dirt as compared to sloped designs, but it is not only dust/dirt that accumulates, there are stains, grease, crumbs, and other fine particles too. So, if you are only concerned about dust/dirt, then you might want to go for a sloped design for a cleaner look.

What Color Baseboards Look the Cleanest?

We mostly see “white” and it is a popular choice too. There are several logical reasons behind choosing white hues, and here they are:

1. Cleanest look as white hides stains, dust, and even grime.

2. Neutral color that looks good with every other shade

3. Space looks wider, brighter, and even larger with white baseboards.

These are the top three reasons people like white trims. But, some interior designers suggest using darker tones for baseboards and trims to highlight them, and to adopt a contrasted look.

Final Thoughts

Who can hate cleaning with these super convenient and fun products? Have a fun cleaning time and make cleaning a happy task for a happier and hygienic life.

Using tools and especially effective tools can make your job much easier. After all, who wants to work hard, we are a smarter generation.

So, go for smarter cleaning, never harder!

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