Does Fabuloso Have Bleach in it?

Fabuloso Professional, Fabuloso Complete, and Fabuloso Wipes are products trusted for stain removal and deodorizing homes. It has been around for 40 years, strengthening its commitment to cleaning homes and leaving lasting fragrance. But, does Fabuloso have bleach in it? Here is a post for you.

No, the Fabuloso Cleaners of Colgate-Palmolive Co. do not contain bleach in any of their cleaning products. Even its multi-purpose cleaner labeled as Bleach Alternative does not contain sodium hypochlorite or liquid bleach. Instead, it employs the power of different surfactants to achieve the cleaning power that bleach can provide.

Fabuloso has an oxygenated formula containing peroxide that is potent in removing tough stains and deep-seated dirt. 

What are the Ingredients in Fabuloso?

What is special in every Fabuloso product is its easy-to-use and no-rinse cleaning process. The Fabuloso Original variant is safe and straightforward to use. Just apply it to the surface, wipe it off, and you’re good to go. Fabuloso will cut through the dirt, grease, and grime. It further leaves a refreshing fragrance. It is ideal for many surfaces without leaving any residues and stains.

So, what comes inside every bottle of Fabuloso Cleaners? Check out these commonly added ingredients and their functions.

  • Solvent. Water is a commonly used solvent found in Fabuloso. It works by dissolving the substances and ingredients in a cleaning product. Solvents also add detergency to the cleaning product and aid in the dissolution of soil particles.
  • Surfactant. Surfactants are active cleaning ingredients whose main purpose is removing dirt and preventing it from re-attaching. Surfactants cause the foams when you apply the cleaning product. There are many chemicals used as surfactants. But, Fabuloso uses sodium dodecyl benzene sulfonate for all its product variants.

Other surfactants are added to Fabuloso All-Purpose Cleaners.

Fabuloso Complete All-Purpose Cleaner, Floral Burst, 48 Fluid Ounce

  • C9-11 Pareth-8
  • Sodium C12-15 Pareth Sulfate
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate
  • pH Adjuster. The pH regulating agents adjusts the alkalinity or acidity of the solution to balance the product. It aids in the removal of acid-based or alkali stains by dissolving or lifting them off the surface. Fabuloso uses citric acid in its original variant, and lactic acid for Fabuloso Complete variants.
  • Viscosity Modifier like sodium chloride or xanthan gum controls the thickness of the cleaning product.
  • Opacifier for the product to maintain its opacity. It can either be styrene or acrylates copolymer.
  • Degreaser such as hydrogen peroxide acts as disinfectant and stain remover for Fabuloso Complete products.
  • Preservatives to extend the shelf life.
  • Fragrance
  • Colorants or dyes

Meanwhile, Fabuloso Disinfecting Wipes are a combination of active microbial agents bound in composite cloth. It has added fragrance and water as its solvent, which effectively cleans and disinfects any non-porous surface.

Will Fabuloso Stain Clothes and Other Fabrics?

No, Fabuloso will not stain or damage clothes and other fabrics. Spraying the solution to pre-treat a stain-remover-safe garment will effectively lift its dried stains. Basically, you can use any surfactant to clean your clothes, and as long as it is bleach-free, it is unlikely to damage them.

However, for the best result, a laundry detergent is still recommended for washing clothes than a multi-purpose cleaner. Cleaners like Fabuloso are not intended for delicate and expensive fabrics as they are harsh cleaners. If you are unsure, do a spot test in a hidden portion of the cloth before using the cleaning solution.

Most people opt to use Fabuloso in the laundry because of its lasting fragrance. Still, users should take into account that cleaning solutions may irritate sensitive skin when used in clothes.

Can You Mix Fabuloso and Bleach?

No. The ingredients in Fabuloso can react with bleach and cause it to emit toxic gases. In fact, all cleaning products are not safe, and should never be mixed with bleach.

Will Fabuloso Disinfect the Surface? Fabuloso MX07171A Antibacterial All Purpose Cleaner, Floor Cleaner, Kitchen Clean, Bathroom Cleaner, Sparkling Citrus - 288oz Total (48oz | Case of Preschool,

The liquid cleaners of Fabuloso are excellent cleaners, but most of them cannot disinfect the surface. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the only Fabuloso product that can combat many types of viruses is the Fabuloso Antibacterial. Accordingly, it is an effective disinfectant against the COVID-19 virus.

If you want to disinfect a hard surface after cleaning, you may also use Fabuloso Disinfecting Wipes for it.

Is Fabuloso Toxic?

The active ingredients of Fabuloso are considered moderately safe for use according to the EPA. However, it is to be noted that the product is still toxic when it gets into the eyes or is swallowed. It may also cause irritation when it comes in contact with the skin.

What to Do if You Get Fabuloso in Your Eye?

If the product gets into the eye, remove contact lenses, and flush the affected eye well with running water. Protect the unharmed eye and keep the affected eye open while washing. If eye irritation occurs, contact your doctor for medical advice.

What to Do if You Swallow or Inhale Fabuloso?

If a person inhales Fabuloso and is unconscious, transfer the patient into the open air. Do not introduce anything to drink, rest him in a recovery position, and seek medical attention.

If Fabuloso is ingested, do not give anything by mouth if unconscious but keep the respiratory tract clear. Seek medical attention when needed.

Is Fabuloso Toxic to Pets?

The toxicity of Fabuloso depends on the volume ingested by the pet. In small amounts, it may cause an upset stomach. When taken in large amounts, Fabuloso can be fatal to animals.

Where is it Unsafe to Use?

Fabuloso is safe for almost all surfaces and in stain-remover-safe fabrics. However, it is not ideal on unsealed or unfinished wooden surfaces. It’ll soak unsealed floors until they eventually puff up, making them prone to cracks.

Final Thoughts

Fabuloso is an all-around cleaner valued for its cleaning power and notably fresh scent. The product is generally safe for use as it does not have bleach in it. It is simple to use and does not necessarily need rinsing. Most Fabuloso liquid cleaners are not very effective in resolving germ problems. But, Fabuloso Wipes and Fabuloso Antibacterial can supplement it with their excellent disinfecting power.