Does Drano Have Bleach in it?

Drano is one of the trusted brands when it comes to unclogging kitchen sink and drain. The product is made to remove blockages in sewer pipes and wastewater drains. Its line of chemical drain cleaner effectively removes obstructions, but what chemical does it specifically contain? Does Drano have bleach in it?

Drano is a drainage cleaner that comes in many forms, some of which contain bleach. Sodium hypochlorite, or liquid bleach, is added to the product to aid in the effective breaking down of gunk in the drain. It is also a lye-based product that contains sodium hydroxide, a form of corrosive alkali. It helps supplement the function of bleach for better removal of grease and other drain clogs. 

Is the product toxic and dangerous? Here are some things you need to know about Drano Drain Cleaners.

What are the Ingredients in Drano?

Lye, or sodium hydroxide, is the main and active ingredient of Drano Drain Cleaners. Lye is an important ingredient that decomposes most organic materials it comes in contact with.

Aside from lye, does Drano have bleach in it? Check out this list of ingredients common in most Drano products.

  • Sodium hydroxide. It is a caustic solution that acts as a builder or pH adjuster. As a builder, it affects the molecules in the formula for the product to work better. As a pH adjuster, the amount of sodium hydroxide varies depending on its use. An acidic solution is excellent for soap scum removal, while alkali ones are best for greasy soils.
  • Sodium Hypochlorite or bleach. It is a solution made by reacting chlorine with sodium hydroxide. Bleach breaks down molds and mildew from drain clogs while disinfecting the surface from disease-causing germs.
  • The proprietary blend of surfactants in Drano aids in loosening dirt and deposits attached to the surface for easy rinsing. Surfactants are also thickeners and emulsifiers that maintain the consistency of the cleaning solution.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor. Corrosion inhibitors like sodium metasilicate enhance the cleaning performance of the cleaning product. It softens hard water to give a better clean without leaving mineral residues that hard water can leave behind.
  • Defoaming Agent. A defoaming agent like polydimethylsiloxane prevents the production of excess foam during the cleaning process.
  • Water is the base ingredient to dilute the solution.
  • Cleaning Agent

Does Drano Have Bleach in It?

Some Drano products contain bleach. Bleach is a cleaning solution containing chlorine that can break down the clog and disinfect surface areas. Aside from bleach, these Drano products also have other ingredients. These ingredients work together not only in breaking down clogs and disinfecting, but also in dissolving all gunk to flush them easily.

Which Drano Products Contain Bleach? Drano Dual-Force Foamer Clog Remover, 17 fl oz

The bathroom and kitchen drain, toilet, septic, and other drains are prone to clogging because of grime and grease buildup. The tough and greasy material buildup needs a strong solution to disintegrate them for easy flushing. It is where sodium hypochlorite or bleach, along with a combination of other chemicals, comes into use.

Drano products with bleach are the best products for dissolving any type of gunk clogging the drain pipes. Their gel cleaner works effectively even in standing water as it goes straight into the drain to troubleshoot the problem.

The following are some Drano products that contain bleach:

Which Drano Products Do Not Include Bleach? Drano Advanced Septic Tank Treatment, 3 Pouches, 4.5 oz

There are Drano cleaning products that do not contain sodium hypochlorite. Instead, they have proprietary enzymes that work with sodium hypochlorite. These products are excellent in removing grease and hair buildup in kitchen and bathroom drains.

Here are the non-bleach products of Drano:

Will Drano Stain Clothes and Other Fabrics?

As long as the specific Drano product does not contain bleach, it will not stain or discolor fabrics. But if you want to use the product to unclog your washing machine drain, be sure to remove all laundry. While non-bleach Drano may not damage clothing, it is still unsafe to use in laundry. Drano contains harsh chemicals that will not wash away easily and may cause an allergic reaction.

Can Drano Cause Skin Rash?

Drano products with bleach have hazard identification Category 1B for skin corrosion. It means that it may cause severe burns and eye damage if it comes in contact with a person. Thus, it is imperative to handle Drano with caution. Use gloves when cleaning, ventilate the area, and wash hands thoroughly after using. You should also keep the product away from children and pets.

Is Drano Safe on Pipes?

The chemicals may be harsh, but the anti-corrosion ingredients of Drano protect the pipe from damage. It is safe for most pipes like PVC, copper, and galvanized steel. However, use it with caution on aluminum or stainless steel as they are highly corrosive.

Can You Mix Drano With Bleach?

No, you can’t. When mixed with bleach or other cleaning solution, Drano can create toxic gases. These dangerous fumes are hazardous when inhaled and can cause health and environmental problems.

Final Thoughts

Drano is one of the effective chemical cleaning solutions for solving drain clog problems. It contains potent ingredients for effectively dissolving grimes and grease buildups. The solution is so strong that it could get hazardous if not used properly. To use Drano safely, always read and follow the instructions, labels, and precautions for safe handling.