Bissell Little Green vs Hoover Spotless | What’s Better?

Finding the perfect vacuum to keep your home looking neat and tidy is a must for homeowners. Bissell Little Green and Hoover Spotless are two of the most popular lightweight, portable, and compact vacuums on the market! They’re perfect for homeowners who need to pull out a vacuum at a moment’s notice to tackle tough messes. If you’re debating between these two popular vacuums, then you’ve come to the right place!

Bissell Little Green is a better vacuum compared to Hoover Spotless. Bissell Little Green has a larger tank capacity, better cleaning tool, and has a more compact model design.

So, are you ready to learn more about Bissell Little Green and Hoover Spotless to see why blank is the better vacuum? We’ll give you a detailed comparison of these units so you can see why blank is the perfect vacuum to add to your cleaning closet.

What’s the Difference Between Bissell Little Green and Hoover Spotless?

There are a few differences between the Bissell Little Green and Hoover Spotless vacuums. The first, and most notable difference, is their water tank capacities. Bissell Little Green can hold 48oz, so you can go a long time in between changing the water tank while cleaning.

Hoover Spotless only has a 36oz tank, which means you’ll end up having to empty and rinse it more frequently than Bissell’s. Another notable difference is their cleaning tools. Hoover Spotless uses a Rubber Nub Tool for scrubbing, while Bissell uses a 3-inch Tough Stain Tool.

There are also some minor differences in how much each model weighs and their dimensions, but we’ll explore this in more detail later in this guide.


Bissell is one of the largest vacuum manufacturers in the world, and their popularity began over 100 years ago! This company started in 1876 when Melville R. Bissell and his wife Anna developed an innovative sweeper to eliminate the dust in their crockery shop.

Their innovative design took off, and the Bissell brand quickly became recognized as one of the best vacuum manufacturers on the market. The company remains family-owned to this day and continues putting out innovative new vacuums.

The company also has a charitable side and started the non-profit Bissell Pet Foundation in 2011 that protects and supports pets!

Bissell Little Green

Bissell Little Green is a multi-purpose, compact, and portable vacuum and upholstery cleaner. This vacuum is unique for its ability to eliminate tough stains and pet messes on all the soft surfaces in your home.

BISSELL Little Green Multi-Purpose Portable Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1400B

There are several special tools and features that come with the Bissell Little Green unit. Let’s check out the features and specs that come along with this model.


  • Extra strong spray and suction power, perfect for eliminating tough stains and pet messes
  • Works on multiple surfaces including upholstery, carpet, auto interiors, stairs, and area rugs
  • Enlarged water tank holds 48oz, so homeowners can clean for longer without having to stop and empty/refill the tank
  • HydroRinse self-cleaning tool gets the hose squeaky clean so homeowners don’t have to struggle with taking apart and cleaning the hose
  • 3-Inch Tough Stain Tool allows homeowners to easily scrub away messes and remove stains even in hard-to-reach places


Bissell Little Green is only 9.65lbs, making it easy to maneuver and carry up and down stairs. The dimensions for this unit are 8.25×17.25×12.25 inches, giving it a short and squat design. This allows the Bissell Little Green unit to easily fit into small or crowded closets, or even in large cabinets.

How to Use Bissell Little Green?

Bissell Little Green was designed with user-friendliness in mind. This unit is very simple to set up, use, and clean and the instructions for use are very simple. Just follow these easy steps when you’re ready to pull out your Bissell Little Green.

1. Remove the empty clean water tank from the machine.

2. Unscrew the cap and grab your Bissell formula. Fill the clean water tank with the formula to the indicated line. Then, add warm water to the indicated water line.

3. Screw the cap back on the tank and replace it in the unit. Then, plug the vacuum in.

4. Remove the hose and attach the cleaning tool. Next, press the power button.

5. Hold the cleaning tool above the spot that needs cleaning and press the trigger to release a mist of cleaning formula and water.

6. Release the trigger and scrub the mess with the cleaning tool.

7. Make slow passes over the mess to suction up the dirty water.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 until the stain/mess is completely gone.

9. Turn off the machine by pressing the power button and unplug it.

10. Empty the dirty water tank and rinse it out thoroughly. Allow the tank to air dry before the next use.

Your carpet or upholstery will look good as new after following these ten easy steps!


Hoover has been around for over 100 years too! This company was founded on June 2, 1908, by William Henry Hoover. He was a janitor in Ohio who invented a new electrical sweeper designed specifically for carpets.

Hoover’s invention took off, and his company quickly gained traction for its innovative cleaning units. They continue producing innovative floor care products to this day and have become one of the top sellers across America and Europe.

Hoover Spotless

Hoover Spotless is a compact, portable, multi-purpose cleaner. This vacuum specializes in removing tough stains and messes, including those caused by pets. It’s perfect for use on carpets, area rugs, stairs, and auto interiors.

Hoover Spotless Portable Carpet & Upholstery Spot Cleaner, FH11300PC, Red

This unit comes with plenty of special features and specs designed to make it easy and convenient for homeowners to use. We’re going to give you the rundown on what you can expect with the Hover Spotless unit.


  • The cleaning tool features tough bristles designed for scrubbing away tough messes and stains, especially those caused by pets
  • Has extra powerful suction and spray power perfect for use on the toughest messes
  • The 5-foot hose makes reaching all the tough places in your home a breeze
  • The hose uses self-cleaning technology, so homeowners don’t have to struggle to clean this part of the machine
  • The multipurpose tool is antimicrobial and protects against the build-up of mold and mildew
  • A 36oz water tank allows homeowners to tackle large messes without having to stop and change out the tank


The Hoover Spotless unit weighs only 9lbs, so it’s very easy to maneuver around the home and on stairs. The dimensions for this product are 9.72×13.94×15.04, so it can easily fit in your closet with the rest of your cleaning supplies.

How to Use Hoover Spotless

How to Use Hoover Spotless

Using the Hoover Spotless vacuum is very easy. Most vacuums like Hoover Spotless and Bissell Little Green have similar instructions because their mechanics are essentially the same. So, if these instructions sound familiar, don’t worry! Just follow these easy steps to use a Hoover Spotless.

1. Remove the clean water tank from the machine. Fill it with cleaning formula to the indicated line first, then fill it with water to the next line.

2. Replace the tank on the unit. Plug the unit in and hit the power button.

3. Remove the hose and attach your cleaning tool.

4. Hold the cleaning tool above the mess and press the trigger to release a generous amount of cleaning formula.

5. Scrub the stain or mess.

6. Apply downward pressure while pulling the cleaning tool over the mess to suck up the dirty water and debris.

7. Repeat steps 4-7 until the mess or stain is completely gone.

8. Turn off and unplug your vacuum.

9. Remove the dirty water tank and rinse it out until it’s clean again.

10. Let the tank air dry before using it again.

That’s it! Eliminate any tough stains and messes with your Hoover Spotless in ten easy-to-follow steps.

Comparison Questions (Bissell Little Green vs Hoover Spotless)

Which Is the More Effective Vacuum?

Bissell Little Green and Hoover Spotless are both compact, lightweight vacuums that can be used on multiple surfaces. Each unit features extra strong spray and suction power to clean up even the toughest messes. However, Bissell Little Green is definitely the more effective vacuum.

The 3-inch Tough Stain Tool has powerful bristles perfect for scrubbing deep into your carpet or upholstery to remove long set-in stains. The Rubber Nub Tool that Hoover Spotless uses is great for surface cleaning but isn’t as effective for deep cleaning.

Which Vacuum Is More Affordable?

Each of these vacuums has a similar price on most online retailers. Hoover Spotless is technically more affordable, but the price difference is less than $20. You’ll get more bang for your buck by going with Bissell Little Green since it has a larger tank capacity, which means you use less water, and it comes with a full-size bottle of Bissell cleaning formula, while the Hoover Spotless only comes with a sample size bottle of Hoover formula.

Does Bissell Little Green or Hoover Spotless Have A Better Warranty?

Bissell Little Green comes with a limited 1-year warranty that covers the manufacturer’s defects and replacement parts. The Hoover Spotless warranty covers the same things but has a longer 2-year limited warranty. In this case, Hoover Spotless has a better warranty.

The Verdict– What’s Better?

While Bissell Little Green and Hoover Spotless are both excellent vacuums, Bissell Little Green is the better option here. It has a better cleaning tool for eliminating tough, ground-in stains, a larger tank capacity, and it comes with a full-size bottle of Bissell cleaning formula. This vacuum is small, lightweight, and easy to carry around your home. When you need a versatile vacuum to tackle everyday and tough messes around the home, the best vacuum to use is Bissell Little Green.