10 Best Recliners for Heavy People in 2023

Picture this, you’re in a furniture store, walking through the countless isles of recliners, and get lost in the array of potential options. Whether you want leather, fabric, or some combination of the two, there’s guaranteed to be something for every kind of shopper. However, if you’re on the heavier side of the scale, your options can become limited pretty fast.

The new-age innovative designs companies are continuing to roll out are truly astounding. Although, they generally don’t account for people over a certain weight, as most are capped at around 250 to 300 pounds.

With that said, just because some companies neglect this market, doesn’t mean they all do. In fact, there are a number of renowned and trusted brands that have built high-quality recliners specifically for heavier-set individuals.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the best recliners currently on the market for heavy people as well as what you should consider prior to purchase.

What to Consider When Buying a Heavy-Duty Recliner?

Weight Capacity

Being that weight is your primary concern, the very first thing you should consider is how much the average recliner is capable of withstanding. While there is no specific number that’s associated with the “average” weight limit of standard recliners, most in today’s market clock in at around 250 to 300 pounds. However, once you begin to transition over to heavy-duty recliners built specifically to support more weight, you’re going to see a significant jump, as most are capable of supporting up to 500 pounds (and some even more!).

Overall Durability

You should always look at furniture as an investment. As this isn’t just something you want to have light up your home for the next year or two, but, hopefully, the next decade to come. With this in mind, durability is arguably the most important factor to consider when buying any piece of furniture, especially a heavy-duty recliner.

To ensure that you’re buying a recliner that’s built to last, be sure to pay attention to how the unit is constructed. This means taking into account things like how the cushions are made, what springs they use, how the weight gets distributed, and what materials are used for the base. You also want to take into account the strength of the materials used for the reclining mechanism as well as the upholstery itself. Fabric is a very common material for recliners, but it’s not nearly as smooth, visually appealing, or easy to clean as leather or suede.

The Comfort

I mean, what’s the point in spending money on something you won’t even use? The objective of buying furniture is to provide you, your family, and your guests with a more comfortable way to sit back and relax. Even though you might be able to cut corners to save a few extra bucks by purchasing something slightly less comfortable, is it really worth it if nobody will use it?

You have to ask yourself if it’s going to make sense in the long run. How much use do you intend to get out of the product? Will you be using it every day? If the answer is yes, then you’re better off investing your hard-earned money in something that’s comfortable. This means taking into account the materials used for the upholstery (leather, cotton, microfiber, etc.), the materials used to fill the cushions (high-density foam, sponge) as well as the angles provided by the reclining feature. And make an educated decision based on your preferences.

10 Best Recliners for Heavy People

1. Lane Stallion Big Man (Extra Large) Comfort King Wallsaver Recliner Lane Stallion Wallsaver Recliner in Torino Blue Depths. Rated for Up to 500 Lbs. Ext. Length. 79". Seat Width. 25" Seat Height 22". Free Curbside Delivery. 4501XL

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Lane Furniture tops our list with their conventional yet comfortable Stallion recliner. With seat width of 25”, depth of 21”, and height of 22”, it’s clear that this is a chair designed for big people. The dimensions offer enough room to comfortably sit for extended periods of time while the chair itself is capable of supporting up to 500 pounds thanks to its extra strong construction with reinforced design features.

Taller people won’t find a better alternative either, as the length at a fully reclining position is equal to that of a king-size mattress. Past that, Lane Furniture also offers one of the more comfortable recliners on the market, featuring extra plush padding, channel-stitched kidney pillows, and padded roll arms, as well as spring-supported block foam.

Altogether forming exactly what the doctor ordered – a big, comfy chair. Now you can kick your feet up and enjoy maximum relaxation, without being bothered by size or weight limitations.

2. Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair Mega Motion NM7001-CDV-A01 Vance Ultimate Power Recliner Chair, Cafe Finish, Designed for The 5'8" to 6' Person, 3 Position, 2 Motor Lift, USB Port in Handwand, 500 Pound Occupant Weight Limit

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Another incredibly durable and versatile recliner is the Mega Motion Easy Comfort. As a heavy-duty lift chair, it’s designed to relieve stress on pressure points of the body and make it easier to get up and out of the chair, presenting the perfect alternative to the elderly or the big-bodied. It also bolsters dual, synchronized, and Whisper Power motors for the recline and lift functions, providing an ultra-quiet and tranquil lounging experience.

Outside of the handy lift function, the Mega Motion Easy Comfort also comes with conveniently located side pockets to store all of your essentials as well as a nearby USB port in the hand control to charge your devices. The remote (or Handwand) also allows you full control of the angle you’d like to recline at, outside of the three preset recline positions (reading, reclining, and lift). So, not only is it a comfy and well-padded recliner but it also provides all of the functionality needed to relax from any angle imaginable.

3. Signature Design by Ashley Austere Faux Leather Upholstered Oversized Zero Wall Manual Recliner Signature Design by Ashley Clonmel Microfiber Extra Wide Manual Reclining Loveseat, Gray

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Most furniture companies look to combat the issue of weight limitations by building a more durable base with heavy-duty materials. However, this in no way affects the overall comfortability of the chair, even if it can withstand a heavier amount of weight. This is where Ashley Brand’s Austere extra-wide zero wall manual recliner comes into play.

Measuring an astounding 55” wide and 40” deep with a 42-inch tall back, this oversized recliner offers plenty of room to get comfortable (large enough to sit two!), and carries a sturdy 500-pound weight limit. It also features high-resiliency foam cushions upholstered with polyester/polyurethane to give off a faux leather and “puffy” aesthetic. As well as a stunning nailhead trim along each of the armrests, and an incredibly durable corner-blocked frame with reinforced metal seating. Offering the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style.

Plus, you can even pair this unit with additional sofas, couches or accent chairs from the Ashley Austere Furniture set, which is one of the most trusted furniture brands in the industry. And thanks to its zero wall feature, you can save space without sacrificing comfort or damaging your home, making this the perfect choice for small apartments or homes where space is limited. Despite all of its intricacies, this is a recliner that requires very simple installation, as the entire unit can be put together with the use of a screwdriver (not included).

4. Hana Plush Cushion Tufted Back Loveseat Recliner Hana Plush Cushion Tufted Back Loveseat Recliner (Microfiber/Slate)

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Sliding into the fourth spot on our list we have yet another extra-wide recliner with the Hana Plush Loveseat Recliner from GDFStudio. Unlike the zero-wall manual recliner from Ashley Furniture, this unit presents a much more refined and chic alternative, while still carrying much of the desired features mentioned above (and more!).

This incredibly stylish design comes loaded with impressive features, including an easy-to-use push-back reclining function, gorgeous button tufting, soft microfiber/slate fabric material and an industry-leading 600-pound weight capacity (quality tested to hold up to 800 pounds!). Meaning you can lounge about in style without feeling confined or restricted by size.

Not only is the Hana Plush Loveseat Recliner a functional and comfortable reclining loveseat, but it also offers a much more contemporary feel as opposed to some of its competitors. With subtly tapered birch wood legs, clean track armrests and clean waffle stitching, this eye-catching piece of furniture is guaranteed to wow your guests without sacrificing comfort.

5. Seatcraft Julius – Big & Tall – Home Theater – Power Recliner Seatcraft Julius - Big & Tall - Home Theater Seating - 400 lbs Capacity - Top Grain Leather - Power Recline - Powered Headrest - USB Charging, Cupholders, Arm Storage, Single Recliner, Black

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If you’re in search of a next-generation reclining chair with all the bells and whistles that is also capable of supporting a large amount of weight (400-pound weight limit), look no further than the Home Theater Power Recliner by Seatcraft Julius, which is part of their Big & Tall collection designed specifically for bigger people.

Sold in packages of two, three and four, this is the ideal purchase for anyone looking to create a home theater environment. However, even just buying a single power recliner offers a variety of benefits. First off, in terms of comfort, this recliner is constructed with some of the highest quality materials on the market, including hand-selected genuine top grain leather along with 2.2” cool gel memory foam in the seating, powered headrests, a taller backrest and wider armrests all supported overtop of a reinforced wood frame.

This recliner also offers a certain level of convenience unmatched by other suppliers. You can recline both your seat and the headrest to your favorite position with the push of a button, and charge any one of your devices without having to leave your seat thanks to the nearby USB charging station. There’s also a cupholder located in the arm of the chair, which lights up on command, as well as ambient base lighting underneath the unit to match.

Plus, there’s even a removable swivel tray table to hold all of your late night snacks and a storage compartment hidden in the armrest to conceal your goodies.

6. Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver Recliner Lane Home Furnishings Wallsaver | Walnut | 4501-190 model

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Ok, so maybe you really liked our last recliner but want something a little more rustic with not quite so many features. Well, luckily, we’ve got just the thing for you with Lane Home Furnishing’s Wallsaver Recliner. Which, despite being available in a wide variety of colors and materials, oozes the one thing most important to any homeowner – comfort.

If comfort is the name of the game, then the Wallsaver Recliner is the Michael Jordan of manual recliners. It features ultra-comfy dimensions of 44” in width, 40” in depth, and 48” in height as well as a smooth reclining function that extends out to the length of a King-Size mattress. It’s also capable of supporting up to 500 pounds and the seats are generously filled with superior-density foam overtop of a strengthened drop-in coil seating system.

Thanks to its heavy-duty 7-gauge steel frame with a bolted arm mechanism and locking footrest, this is an extremely reliable recliner that’s built to last for years to come. Regardless of whether you’re sitting down to watch your favorite team on a Sunday afternoon, or just want to lay back and catch up on some zzz’s, Lane Home Furnishing’s Wallsaver Recliner offers the best of both worlds. Be careful though, once you set this recliner in motion, you could lock yourself in endless hours of relaxation, and never want to get up.

7. Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner/Glider Chair GDFStudio CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT HOME Great Deal Furniture Merit Black Leather Recliner/Glider Chair

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If you’ve noticed one thing about our list, it’s probably that we’re not just looking for durably constructed chairs, but ones that offer enough space to spread out comfortably as well. With that in mind, there’s arguably no recliner on the market that offers as much space, stability, and style as the Great Deal Furniture Leather Recliner/Glider Chair.

Similar to the previous model, this recliner is perfect for those that prefer the rustic aesthetic but want something with a little bit more seating space. The seat itself is 40” wide and 39” deep, which far surpasses your average recliner which is generally less than 35” in width and depth, and it also has a tall back of 40” in height.

However, this unit separates itself from the competition in that it’s a dual-function recliner, featuring both gliding and reclining functions. So, now you’ll have the option to either gently rock back and forth in a smooth gliding motion or just kick your feet up and elevate your body when fully reclined. Additionally, with clean faux leather upholstery and softly padded cushions, this model offers the perfect sense of elegance and comfort that’s designed to blend in with any interior layout.

8. CANMOV Power Lift Chair Recliner 


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Nearing the end of our list there’s the Power Lift Chair Recliner built by CANMOV, which is a renowned company that specializes in living room furniture and lift chairs, in particular. Presenting the second lift chair on our list of the 10 best recliners for heavy people, a design function implemented specifically to smoothly and safely lift you up and out of the chair stress-free.

Designed for the elderly but durably built for heavier-set people, this electric lift chair comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust the position of the chair exactly to your liking. Whether you want to sit up straight to read a book, lay back ever so slightly to catch up on some flicks, or fully recline to take a quick nap, this chair has everything to offer.

Furthermore, the solid metal frame underneath offers strength and stability that’s built to last, and the electric lift function comes with a smooth and silent motor. The entire chair is also covered in a resilient microfiber upholstery material that is both soft and durable, while the backrest features an ergonomic design built specifically to ease and relax the muscles of the body. It also features an overstuffed headrest for additional support, and there’s even a convenient side pocket located just below the armrest to store all of your necessities.

9. Furgle Power Lift Recliner Chair Recliner Chair, Furgle Power Lift Recliner Sofa for Senior, Electric Recliner with Massage, Sofa Chair with Remote Control and Two Cup Holders, Suitable for Living Room, PU Leather

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Alright, let’s say that you really enjoy the lift feature highlighted with some of the previous models but want something a little more innovative. Well, fret not because I have just the thing for you – the Power Lift Recliner Chair built by Furgle.

Much like CANMOV’s lift chair previously mentioned, Furgle’s design also features a powerful and easy-to-use lift function along with well-cushioned seating and ergonomic structure. However, unlike CANMOV, this chair comes with a remote control allowing you to control up to four different position angles and is filled with high-density and high-quality sponge foam designed to ease the stress on muscles and joints while sitting for extended periods of time. The entire chair is also covered with anti-tear cotton linen fabric that is soft and breathable.

On top of all this, the recliner also offers an incredibly durable structure capable of withstanding years of use thanks to its anti-slip design and high-density metal base. And the best part is we have yet to reveal the most enticing feature about this model – it comes with a heated massage mechanism. Which is scientifically designed to improve blood circulation in major muscle groups, relieve stress, and provide a more relaxing all-around experience.

Utilizing a six-point massage system with five vibration massage nodes and two different levels of intensity, this chair enables your muscles to warm and loosen, ultimately reducing pain and tightness in the muscles and joints. In addition, Furgle’s Power Lift Recliner also comes with two cupholders and a storage pouch on each side of the chair.

10. EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner EVER ADVANCED Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner Padded Patio Lounger Chair with Adjustable Headrest Support 350lbs (Green)

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Just because you’re a heavy-set individual doesn’t mean that you have to be limited to just indoor furniture, which is hard enough to find on its own. As the Oversize XL Zero Gravity Recliner provided by EVER ADVANCED offers loads of desirable features, particularly for those who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg but still want a reliable outdoor seating solution.

The first thing worth noting with this model is that it’s a Zero Gravity recliner, meaning that in addition to the 170-degree adjustment angles it offers, you can also position the chair so that your back is cradled and your legs are elevated above your heart in a “Zero Gravity” position. Which is proven by medical professionals to improve blood circulation and reduce pain on your back, legs, and spine over time.

Past that, this outdoor recliner can support individuals up to 6’2” in height (or 350 pounds) thanks to its heavy-duty steel frame and ergonomic back curve of up to 72 inches, when fully reclined. And it also comes with a removable headrest cushion that can be adjusted to multiple angles. Additionally, this recliner comes with fully padded seating, an easy-to-install side table, and the added convenience of being a portable lawn chair.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s easy to get defeated when you’re trying to furnish your home and suddenly realize that your options are limited just because you’re above a certain weight. The good news is that more and more companies are recognizing this issue, and leaning towards creating furniture designed to accommodate all walks of life. Hopefully, this information has provided hope in knowing that you do have options and that the market will only continue to grow in the coming years.

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