Tuxedo Sofa vs Chesterfield | What’s the Difference?

If you have been shopping around for a new and luxurious sofa for your home, you may be wondering what the difference is between a Tuxedo sofa vs Chesterfield. These tufted beauties look strikingly similar- but are there any differences between them?

When it comes to a Tuxedo sofa vs Chesterfield, what’s the difference? The difference between a Tuxedo sofa vs Chesterfield is the era in which they were first created as well as the lines and shape of the sofa. For example, the Tuxedo sofa has a straight back and arms, while Chesterfields are more rounded.

But is one of these types of sofas better than the other? And which one fits your budget and lifestyle better? Let’s discuss all of the pros and cons to both Tuxedo and Chesterfield sofas now!

What is a Tuxedo Sofa?

A Tuxedo sofa is a type of couch or seating area that was first created in the early 1920s. This particular sofa was born in the same location as the tuxedo suit itself- in Tuxedo Park, NY. The 1920s was a time of vast luxury and great change, which meant that the upper class was searching for unique pieces of furniture.

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Thus the Tuxedo sofa was born. Made out of leather or plush velvet originally, the Tuxedo sofa has a tufted or buttoned back with comfortable cushions. It can be identified by its straight and clean lines, both along the back of the couch and in the arms.

Speaking of arms, the arms of a Tuxedo sofa are typically the same height as the back of the sofa itself, leading to a comfortable and cozy place to sit. The perpendicular arms that meet the floor create a striking angle, no doubt an homage to the ever-evolving styles of the 1920s.

What is a Chesterfield?

A Chesterfield sofa was first commissioned by the Earl of Chesterfield in the 1700s. This means that the Chesterfield sofa has been around for centuries, and gained extreme popularity during the Victorian Era. Many aristocrats and upper class members of society wanted one of these couches, and it isn’t hard to see why!

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A Chesterfield sofa is typically made out of leather, though many different fabric options exist today. The tufted or buttoned back is its signature, with the tufts or buttons extending from the back of the couch to the floor. But it is the arms and the silhouette that makes this sofa unique.

The back of a Chesterfield sofa is usually rounded and elegant, and the arms are rounded as well. The arms are typically at the same height as the back of the couch, but the rounded angle makes the couch seem more timeless and elegant overall, especially when paired with grommets or studs.

What are the Differences Between a Tuxedo Sofa and a Chesterfield?

There are a few key differences between a Tuxedo sofa and a Chesterfield. The primary difference between these two luxurious couches can be found in the shape of their arms. While both of these sofas have arms that are level with the back of the couch, a Tuxedo sofa has straight arms and backs, while a Chesterfield has rounded or curved qualities.

Both Tuxedo sofas and Chesterfield sofas are made out of a wide variety of materials nowadays, but the majority of Chesterfield sofas are made from leather materials. A Tuxedo sofa has the same signature tufting or buttoning as a Chesterfield, but Chesterfield sofas are often more elaborate comparatively.

Is One Comfier than the Other?

Both of these sofas are going to be a similar level of comfiness depending on the brand you purchase. However, many people prefer the rounded and more cushioned arms of a Chesterfield sofa over the straight arms of a Tuxedo sofa.

Are There Certain Rooms Where Each Works Best?

Both of these sofas make a statement, no matter what room you put them in. The only thing for you to consider when choosing one sofa over the other is the style of your room. For example, Chesterfield sofas have a timeless and elegant quality to them, perfect for a den or library. Tuxedo sofas have bold and modern lines, making them ideal for a more modern home.

Does One Cost More than the Other?

You can find both Tuxedo and Chesterfield sofas available at a variety of price points and materials that suit nearly any budget. However, many Chesterfield sofas cost more than Tuxedo sofas, given their legendary namesake and quality leather materials used. Many Chesterfield sofas are handcrafted, while Tuxedo sofas are often made for wholesale furniture stores.

Where Can You Buy a Tuxedo Sofa?

Tuxedo sofas are readily available in a wide variety of retail shops and specialty furniture boutiques. They are often found in more modern home furnishing shops or settings, given their clean lines. You can also purchase Tuxedo sofas online. I recommend checking out this option from the Jennifer Taylor Home Store, available on Amazon here.

Where Can You Buy a Chesterfield?

Chesterfield sofas are readily available in many luxury home goods shops or furniture retailers, particularly those that focus on high end and timeless finishes. You can also find Chesterfield sofas online. I recommend this option from Stone and Beam, available on Amazon by clicking here.