10 Best Portable Beer Pong Tables in 2023

One of the best ways to loosen up with some friends is a good ole’ fashion game of ‘Beer Pong’. Beer pong has been one of the most popular drinking games for years, and yet people are still trying to find fun and inventive ways to evolve the game and make it even more exciting.

Simplicity is at the core of this game, but one of the most convenient innovations has come in the form of portable beer pong tables. Not only can you take them anywhere with little effort, but they carry a surface specifically built for playing, making them perfect for routine gamers.

That being said, there are some notable points to consider before you jump online to buy one.

Important Considerations When Buying a Portable Beer Pong Table

How Portable is it?

Being that it’s a portable beer pong table, this is going to be the most vital aspect to consider. You should be able to fold it into a compact stack that suits your car or truck, it should come with a carrying case, and it ought to be lightweight, and easy to transport.

Most importantly, keep in mind that a good portable beer pong table can be assembled and transported by you and you only. If it doesn’t check off these boxes, or requires multiple people to carry and set up, then don’t bother.

Overall Table Weight

Another important consideration before purchase is weight. Simply put, you don’t want to be lugging around a boulder every time you need to go to a friend’s house party, so choose accordingly. Remember that above all else, it should be light, convenient, and easy to carry!

Overall Table Size – Length and Height

This will depend on how many players you have at once, but once you figure out the size of table you need, this can also play a role in the portability aspect as well. Obviously, a bigger table is going to be much heavier and may require more help to transport. The average beer pong table measures 96”x24”, and can accommodate a variety of players. Often players will play either 1vs1 or 2vs2.

The Quality – Is the Table Sturdy & Stable?

This is another essential point to consider before purchasing a portable beer pong table, as you don’t want to invest in something that ‘looks’ nice, only for it to fall apart after a couple of uses. This is where the materials used come into play, as most people will opt to go with a table made from aluminum or wood.

The reason for this is because wood looks spectacular in any interior setting, and is sturdy as well. However, aluminum has gained immense traction in recent years because it can be folded up and taken with you anywhere you go. Not only that, but it can typically withstand extreme conditions, and carries an incredibly durable, waterproof material.

10 Best Portable Beer Pong Tables

1. GoPong 6-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong Table (Best Deal)

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Unquestionably, the best portable beer pong table for the value on the market is the GoPong 6-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong Table. Part of the reason why this is the number one alternative is because it is the most durable (made with high-strength aluminum), and folds up into a 3’x2’ briefcase for quick and easy transportation.

Beyond this, it’s also reasonably priced, and features a durable melamine beer pong proof playing surface that can withstand even the rowdiest of parties. Not only does the GoPong 6-Foot Portable Folding Beer Pong Table check off all the necessary boxes, but it’s potentially the sturdiest, and most reasonably priced item on the market.

2. Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table

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Another remarkable option is the Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table that comes with two easily stackable racks, water-cup holders, and a sturdy tripod base built for travel. Not only is it incredibly lightweight (7 lbs), easy to carry, and surprisingly durable, featuring premium-grade materials that can withstand a variety of conditions.

But it’s perhaps the best option in terms of overall portability thanks to the amazingly versatile racking system. All of which assembles into an officially regulated table with a height of 27.5 inches. All in all, the Versapong set is waterproof, party proof, and ready for anything, plus, it even comes with a convenient padded backpack travel bag for increased portability.

3. PartyPongTables 8-Foot Professional Beer Pong Table

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PartyPongTables 8-Foot Professional Beer Pong Table is another exceptional alternative for those willing to spend a little more, for the best of the best. This set has anything one could ask for in a portable beer pong table in that it is extremely durable, easy to transport, and convenient to store. As if this wasn’t already enough to convince you, this set also comes with LED glow lights that feature 20 different colours, 20 different light modes, and adjustable speeds and brightness.

Plus, each side carries actual holes that keep the cups from sliding or spilling, and the beautiful wax finish immediately deflects liquids and protects the table from any damage. All things considered, this is easily the most premium portable beer pong table available.

4. PONG POD PRO 8ft Floating Game Table for Cup Pong

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Sliding into our 4th spot on the list, we’ve got the PONG POD PRO 8ft Floating Game Table for Cup Pong, which differs slightly from other options presented on this list. First and foremost, it includes a four-panel pong pod set made from flexible expanded polypropylene foam that is ultra-durable and UV resistant. It also requires easy assembly with each panel connecting to the other, and then snapping apart for quick carrying and configuration.

Which can make a big difference if you have limited storage space. Thanks to the different configurations available with this option, you can create a 4’, 6’, or 8’ table depending on the number of players participating or certain spatial limitations. For example, a 4’ table would be perfect for hot tubs, younger players, or small card games. Whereas the 6’ table is great for casual play by the lake, or pool, and the 8’ option is the regulation table length for most beer pong games. So, you’ll have nearly endless possibilities with the PONG POD PRO 8ft Floating Game Table for Cup Pong.

Plus, not only is this game built to handle even the most advanced beer pong players, but it doubles as a flip cup table as well. With built-in player stations flanked by no-flip zones, and a quick-drain design to prevent cups from sticking to the table. It’s a little pricier than some other options, but if money’s not an issue, then don’t hesitate to go all in on this incredibly versatile beer pong table.

5. GoPong PRO 8 Foot Premium Beer Pong Table

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GoPong PRO steals the show yet again with their 8-Foot Premium Beer Pong Table, a more ‘heavy-duty’ alternative to their 6-foot option. It’s a portable 8-foot pro beer pong table that’s made of high-strength yet lightweight aluminum that is coated in an all-black powder for increased support.

Plus, the playing surface is made of reinforced beer-proof MDF to withstand even the craziest of nights and can fold up into an incredibly convenient size for storage. Since durability is at the forefront of this design, it’s undoubtedly the sturdiest beer pong table on the market for long-term use. That being said, it’s not entirely indestructible, so it’s strongly advised to try to keep it in storage whenever possible, and free from the elements.

6. Grown Man Games Mini Beer Pong

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Another fun alternative is the Grown Man Games Mini Beer Pong, a smaller premium hardwood table that’s specifically designed to handle the elements, while still providing valuable entertainment. The table features 10 recessed shot glass holes per side, water-resistant coating, rubber skid-resistant legs, 2 catapults, and a tethered ball.

Simply put, this set is built with superior quality that’s unmatched by it’s competitors. Even though it’s designed to be a tabletop beer pong set, it’s the absolute best option for those looking for a mini beer pong set that’s going to last for years to come.

7. Franklin Sports Stadium Pong

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The Franklin Sports Stadium Pong is a unique alternative that’s perfect for those looking for a more adjustable table that’s also reasonably priced. This multi-level set comes with adjustable targets that can form into a tiered beer pong set within seconds, creating even more ways to enjoy one of the best drinking games in the world.

The set comes fully equipped with 2 multi-tier targets, 4 table tennis balls, 6 plastic cup holders, and sturdy PVC tubes to ensure maximum longevity. Regardless of budget, you can’t deny the value that this multi-tier portable beer pong table holds.

8. Beerpongtoss 2-in-1 Cornhole & Pong Table

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The Beerpongtoss 2-in-1 Cornhole & Pong Table is another quality option that acts as a two-in-one cornhole board and beer pong table, making it the perfect party solution. The entire structure is made with industrial steel legs and cabinet grade 5’8” Baltic birch wood for additional smoothness, stability, and strength. Since these are deemed as ‘heavy-duty’ boards that are built to last, each board weighs around 35 pounds, which will help to keep it from bouncing around or toppling over.

In fact, each board is hand-crafted and features a smooth finish with the circle and edges of each board sanded down to provide optimal bag play. Plus, each hole is cut to a precise 6” diameter, the legs are collapsible, and fold easily underneath. As if all this wasn’t enough, you also have a variety of styles to choose from including American Deer Flag, American Skill, Brick Flag, Hunting Flag, Rustic Wood Flag, and much more.

9. Alice in Las Vegas Psychedelic Poker Beer Pong Table

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If you’re looking for a more interesting, or perhaps mystical design, then look no further than the Alice in Las Vegas Psychedelic Poker Beer Pong Table. Outside of the miraculous finish, this table also comes with 22 pre-drilled cup holes for quick and easy arrangement, as well as hole covers to fill those that you don’t use.

Above all else, ‘The Pong Squad’ ensures that every one of their tables is child, wind, and party foul safe. Also, unlike other tables on our list, the legs for this design are telescopic, meaning that you simply need to pull out to extend and push in to store. Obviously, the stunning design will be what captures you most with this table, but the overall durability and longevity are not to be questioned either.

10. PEXMOR 8 FT Folding Beer Pong Table

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Capping off our list of the ten best portable beer pong tables on the market, we’ve got the PEXMOR 8 FT Folding Beer Pong Table. It features incredibly sturdy construction with the added feature of a safety lock, and comes available with 3 different height levels (1.8’, 2.2’, and 2.5’). Also, it’s made of high-strength yet lightweight aluminum, and a melamine beer proof playing surface that’s guaranteed to protect it from even the most destructive (or intoxicated) or humans.

Plus, since this table can adjust to a variety of heights, and lengths, it’s one of the most versatile tables on the market, and can be used for anything from a normal table for family gatherings. To a party table built to withstand pure chaos.

How to Properly Clean Your Beer Pong Table?

Something that can easily be negated is cleaning, as it’s generally the last thing you want to do after partying. But if you choose to leave it, you could be dealing with some far worse circumstances if you just store it away, i.e. mold. Luckily, cleaning your beer pong table is a lot easier than you might think. All you need is a quality multi-surface cleaner with some water, and a rag to wipe the surface down with. Just dip the rag in the solution, and wipe down the entire surface of the table until is clean.

It is best to use a multi-surface cleaner that is non-toxic. Playing beer pong with beer in the game cups you want to make sure you are not mixing the cleaning solution in the player’s drinks. Non-toxic chemical formulas make this much less dangerous!

Recommended Beer Pong Accessories

GLOWPONG All Mixed Up Glow-in-The-Dark Beer Pong Game

One of the first things that you’re going to need are some regulation-sized cups, and balls, which is where the GLOWPONG All Mixed Up Glow-in-the-Dark Beer Pong Game comes in. This set comes with 24 glowing party cups, 48 glowing cup sticks, 4 glowing game balls, and 1 LED charging unit to make sure that every shot glows on it’s way to your opponent’s cup.

Each of the cups will glow for 8-12 hours upon activation, and offer a variety of colours including red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. All in all, thi Glow-in-the-Dark beer pong set is a must for anyone looking to liven up the party scene.

Beer Pong Trophy

Another necessity to remind your guests who the real ‘Beer Pong Champion’ is would be an official beer pong trophy. Luckily, Decade Awards’ presents their unique beer pong trophy that comes with a gold plate finish, 4 engraving lines, up to 30 characters, and spaces per line.

With the design featured a class red solo cup next to a ping pong ball attached to a sleek black base. Though, keep in mind that this item will be sent out without a plate, which will arrive shortly after in a red envelope, and you may have to get it professionally engraved for the best results.

Alternative Portable Beer Pong Games

GoSports Battleputt Golf Putting Game

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Another remarkable alternative is the GoSports Battleputt Golf Putting Game, which acts as a two-in-one hybrid game between Golf and Beer Pong for the ultimate party game. The set comes with an 11’ putting green, 2 putters, 2 golf balls, and 12 cup caps for scoring. Not only does the mat roll out as a true putting green, but it’s also a tremendously portable design that can be assembled in a matter of seconds.


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BucketBall is the ultimate tailgate game and the original yard pong game, offering the highest quality products on the market. This set comes with 11 different colour options, as well as balls that are designed to not bounce on hard flat surfaces, making them ideal for BucketBall.

They also offer Hybrid Game Balls and Bucket Pong Balls that float on water and provide a more diverse gaming experience. However, keep in mind that only BucketBall buckets are compatible with their Inflatable Rack Set. Which allows you to play without filling the buckets with water, sand, or other weighted objects. All in all, BucketBall is a great addition to any backyard party.

Drop Cup – Pong That’s On A Roll

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The Drop Cup is the world’s first tabletop pong game that involves players rolling the ball across to the other side, instead of throwing it. The Drop Cup’s patented cup attachment essentially turns tables or countertops into a skee ball court. The set in total comes with 10 cup ramps, 10 cup clips, 8 large plastic cups, 2 small plastic cups, and 2 ping pong balls. One of the shining features with this set is that it can be used for family game nights, College GameDays, and everything in between.

Beer Pong FAQs

How Many Cups Needed for Beer Pong?

The amount of cups used in a classic game of beer pong typically depends on “house rules”, but it will only ever be played with 6 or 10 cups on each side (12-20 total). When it comes down to deciding between the two options, this one’s totally up to the individual. With that being said, standard beer pong tables come with a 10-cup layout, so be advised.

What is a Beer Pong Wash Cup?

Wash cups in beer pong are essential because they help to clean up the ball after it dips in and of each beer-filled cup. There’s typically one cup of water on each side for each team to dip and clean the ball after use. In fact, some tables even come with a wash cup holder built in. Bear in mind that while this may not be a necessity, it certainly makes the game more enjoyable for all parties involved.

What Kind of Ball for Beer Pong?

For any game of beer pong, you will need a set of standard ping pong (table tennis) balls. The game typically involves each player (or team) throwing 2 balls per round until there is a miss. After the turn is completed, the opposite team throws at the first team’s cups, and the process repeats. Every time the ball lands in a cup, you drink, and the game goes on as such. It’s a pretty basic concept for the game, but it can’t go on without at least two ping pong balls.

Final Thoughts

And there it is! Now you know that there’s absolutely nothing that can stop you from dominating the game of beer pong. To take advantage of the perks that come with owning a portable beer pong table, simply go out and get one of the aforementioned options, and you’ll be all set for some wild nights out.