The 5 Best Laminate Floor Repair Kits in 2023

Sometimes damage to our home is unavoidable, but we do not want to shell out for a renovation every time something happens. Many minor damages can be fixed with paint or epoxy, but what about laminate flooring? Yes, there are kits on the market to repair damaged Laminate. Some, however, are better than others.

What to Consider When Buying a Laminate Floor Repair Kit?

A Laminate Floor Repair Kit does a simple job. It repairs chips, dents, and scratches in your Laminate. When buying, you will want to choose the best one for your situation. To do this, you will want to evaluate: the type of kit, the quality and durability, and the color options.

The Type of Repair Kit

There are two main types of kits on the market. These are wax and filler, let me explain both: 


Wax kits consist of several hard sticks of wax in assorted colors, which you then melt and mix using an included tool. Once you have the right color, the wax is applied to the location with a scrapping tool. Then, as the wax cools, it hardens and bonds to the floor. Wax kits tend to cure very quickly and be runnier. This means they can create more mess.

You will want to be incredibly careful in the application. However, they also tend to be easier to color match, as the wax does not drastically change colors in its melted state. Wax is a better solution for scratched floors than filler, although they preform about the same on deeper damage spots.


Filler kits are made using a simple air-dry substance, usually putty or gel in consistency. This substance is typically a combination of oils and plastics. In gel versions, the filler comes in several pre-pigmented tubes, much like food coloring or paint. In the putty version, you will have the uncolored putty, and several powder or liquid pigments to add to it.

Filler dries much slower than other options and is a cleaner solution. However, it also tends to change color more as it dries. Filler is not a good choice for scratches, as it will have no hole to “fill” and isn’t liquid enough to seep into a small scratch. However, it is ideal for things like chips and gouges.

Overall Quality and Durability Weytoll Tile Floor Repair Kit Stone Repair Kit, with11 Block Wax Laminate Repairing Kit Scratches Mending Tool Set for Walnut & Mahogany, Oak, Cherry, Hardwood Matches Maple

Like most home improvement materials, there are several different durability and quality combinations on the market for Floor Repair Kits. Because materials to make these kits are inexpensive, you likely will not find large differences in durability between similar kits. However, note that Filler is more durable than Wax.

Even though the materials themselves are unlikely to change in durability drastically, the directions and packaging will have a wide range of quality. A poorly packaged product may be defective, and bad instructions can make a project very frustrating. Generally, you will want to be on the look out for the following to indicate the kit is higher quality:

  • The Filler (if included) is well sealed in the packaging
  • The instructions are clear and easy to follow
  • The tools needed for application are included
  • The pigments cover an appropriate range for your project
  • The kit includes a sealant such as a lacquer

Color Options

Another important quality to keep in mind when shopping for kits is whether the pigments you will need are included. There are thousands of shades of wood, and while many kits include pigments ranging from light to dark, some will simply not have colors that can match what you have. You can estimate if a kit will work for you by looking for the following:

  • A pigment lighter than your floor
  • A pigment darker than your floor
  • Pigments that match the undertone of the floor (cool vs. warm)

5 Best Laminate Floor Repair Kits

1. CalFlor Mix2Match FloorFix Wood and Laminate Repair Kit CalFlor FL49111CF Mix2Match FloorFix Wood and Laminate Repair Kit, FL49111CF, 27 Color Formulas

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This CalFlor Kit is a putty-based filler kit. Putty is most ideal for deep gouges so that the putty has something to stick to, not scratches. Putty fillers are the least messy, although they are the most prone to changing color as they cure. However, they have several formulas included with the final shade shown.

Pick one that is close to your Laminate, and then follow the mixing directions. If you feel confident in your skills, they even include directions on how to add marbling or wood grain to the repair!

2. Leepesx Wood Floor Furniture Scratch Repair Kit Wood Floor Furniture Scratch Repair Kit of 11 Colors Wax, Leepesx Laminate Repairing Kit with Melting Tool for Cracked Stone Crack Chip Ceramic Floor

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This Leepesx Kit is wax based, and my favorite for repeated use. The wax can be used in small quantities without compromising the shelf stability of the rest of the product. There are no worries that you did not close well enough or left the container open for too long. Additionally, it hardens much more quickly that putty-based repair kits.

However, the fact that it hardens quickly can also be tricky while trying to color match. The instructions are clear, and the color variety is large. It does not dry a distinct color to the melted version, which is often a problem with putty kits. Additionally, wax kits are more suitable to cover scratches as well as gouges. Therefore, it is very beginner friendly. Overall, this is my favorite solution.

3. Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit  Coconix Floor and Furniture Repair Kit - Restorer of Your Wooden Table, Cabinet, Veneer, Door and Nightstand - Super Easy Instructions Matches Any Color - Restore Any Wood, Cherry, Walnut, Hardwood

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This is the most versatile of the kits, because it includes a putty for larger fixes while also having a quick dry delivery system for the pigments. This means that you can get the advantages of a wax-based kit while still having the option to use a putty if the situation requires it. However, it is almost double the price to reflect that it is two kits in one. It also does not include as wide a variety of pigments as the other options.

Overall, this kit is a worthwhile investment If you plan of doing several types of fixes, especially if they are in odd places or unusual colors. The customer service for this product has a reputation of going above and beyond to help buyers successfully repair their damaged surfaces.

4. Pergo Floor Care Kit

This is another putty-based kit. The pigments come in a powdered form and must be mixed with the putty to be used. Additionally, the kit only has five colors, meaning that you may or may not be able to get a perfect match to your surface. However, it is one of the most straightforward of the kits to use. As with most putty kits, if you plan for sufficient curing time, it will do a wonderful job fixing deeper damages in Laminate.

5. Picobello Flooring Repair Kit

This is a wax-based kit with eight different shades. It will cure fast and color true. It will repair a variety of damages like scratches, chips, gouges, and dents. The kit includes the usual tools, like a melting wand and applicator.

However, it has two unusual inclusions: the provided sealant comes as a pen, and there is an included buffing and sanding pad to change shine of the repair. A pen might be a convenient sealant for some, although I am apprehensive that the layer will be thick enough. The ability to change the shine of the floor, and the associated directions however I think are a terrific addition to the kit.

Laminate Flooring Repair Kits FAQs

Is Laminate Flooring Hard to Repair with a Kit?

Laminate Flooring was designed with cost efficiency and use of entry in mind. Between this, and the years of practice companies have had making repair kits, it is easy to repair Laminate. The most difficult part will be color matching your floor.

How Long Will Repaired Laminate Last?

If done well (the surface was adequately prepped, and each step was allowed to properly cure) then a repair from one of these floor repair kits can last decades. However, if it did not set properly, you will notice fairly soon because the wax or putty will separate from the laminate soon after curing.

Is there a Time When You Should not Try Repairing Laminate?

Replacing even sections of Laminate is more of a hassle than a repair kit, so you might be tempted to repair even mid to large size damage with a kit. Resist! Larger surface damage, or anything that compromises the integrity of the board, should not be fixed with a kit. In my experience, the largest size you can get away with is about the size of a credit card.

The bigger you go, the more likely you will see obvious texture difference on the repair. Additionally, slight color differences are more obvious in a large fix.

Can You Replace Pieces of Laminate Flooring?

Yes, you can replace single planks of your Laminate Flooring. This is easiest to do with Interlocking Plank systems, however if you are careful you can usually pry out only one or two glued planks to be replaced as well.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a floor repair kit, keep in mind the type of damage you are repairing. Wax is more versatile and beginner friendly but is slightly less durable and can make a mess. Filler is less forgiving and cannot be used to repair scratches. However, filler kits can be successful when the instructions are well written (and followed) even if you are a beginner in DIY. Quality is especially important when choosing a kit, as the instructions, customer support, and shelf stability of floor repair kits differs wildly across the industry.

Finally, color options are the most limiting factor when choosing a kit. Any given kit has unique pigments included, and some have a wider variety than others. A kit that does not have a right pigment to match your Laminate will look bad, no matter how high quality.