Ajax vs Comet | What’s the Better Powder Cleaner?

Ajax and Comet are two well-known household cleaning brands. You know those old cans sitting in your cupboards that have probably been there since before you moved in? Those are the old reliables of the household cleaning world.

Ajax and Comet are both powerful cleaners that work to remove hard water stains, grease, rust, and other tough messes from various non-porous surfaces around your home. To determine which is better, we’re going to review each product, their ingredients, and their effectiveness.

Are you curious whether Ajax or Comet is the better powder cleaner? There’s plenty to compare between these two products! Read on to learn more about these cleaners and find out which comes out on top.

What’s the Difference Between Ajax and Comet Powder Cleaner?

There aren’t many differences between Ajax and Comet. Both cleaners contain similar ingredients, work on similar surfaces, and have the same purpose. However, there are a couple of difference between these two brands.

Ajax and Comet use different surfactants in their products. Ajax also has more stain removers in their powder cleaner than Comet does. We’re going to dive deeper into their ingredients and how they contribute to the performance of each product later in this guide.


Ajax joined the Colgate-Palmolive Company in 1947 and their powdered cleanser became very popular. Following that success, Ajax released a line of detergents and household cleaning products.

As of 2005, only the Ajax powdered cleanser and dishwashing liquid are available for sale in the United States. Their other lines of products were sold to other companies such as the Phoenix Brand.

Ajax Powdered Cleanser Ajax Powder Cleanser with Bleach, 14 oz (396 g) (2 Pack)

The Ajax Powdered Cleanser is formulated to clean chrome, porcelain, ceramic tile, and other durable surfaces. This cleaner is full of cleaning agents, bleach, dye, perfume, and a stain and bacteria killer.

This is a mild abrasive cleaner, perfect for removing buildups of soap scum, grime, rust, and mineral deposits. You can use this product on any durable, non-porous surface in your home that needs a wipe down.

The fragrance in Ajax’s powdered cleaner has been described as a cedar pine scent. This product is perfect for cleaning tough messes in your home while leaving behind a pleasant scent.

How to Use Ajax Powdered Cleanser?

When you’re dealing with tough messes around the home, you want a cleaner that’s easy to use. Ajax’s powdered cleaner is very easy to use, and all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

1. Wet the surface that needs cleaning

2. Sprinkle Ajax powder cleanser freely

3. Rub lightly with sponge to make a paste

4. Clean the surface thoroughly

5. Rinse surface well

What Are The Ingredients in Ajax Powdered Cleanser?

Ajax’s powdered cleanser doesn’t have a tone of ingredients, and their formula is free of starch and phosphates. Here’s a table listing the ingredients and their purposes.

Ingredient Purpose
Calcium Carbonate Cleaning Agent
Bleach Cleaner & Disinfectant
Sodium Dodecyl Benzene Sulfonate Cleaning Agent
Soda Ash Stain Remover
Trichlorocyanuric Acid Stain Remover & Bacteria Killer
Fragrance Pleasent Scent
Dye Color

Is Ajax Powdered Cleanser Toxic?

Ajax Powdered Cleanser isn’t considered toxic, but it can cause health problems if ingested. You should only use powerful cleaners like this one as directed, and contact a health care professional if you accidentally ingest some or have a reaction to it.


Comet was originally part of the P&G Company when it was introduced in 1956. However, in 2001, it was sold to Prestige Brands, and then sold once again in 2018 to KIK Custom Products.

This brand offers a line of household scouring and cleaning products aimed at tackling the toughest messes around the home. Comet has become one of the popular cleaners in the US.

Comet Powdered Cleanser Comet Cleanser - 21 oz (Pack of 6)

The original Comet Cleanser uses bleach along with other powerful cleaning agents to tackle the toughest messes around the home. This product is safe to use on a variety of surfaces in your home, including cooktops, tile, showers, toilets, stone, and more.

The Comet Cleanser cleaner comes in a variety of pleasant fragrances such as pine, lavender, and lemon. It’s perfect for removing cooked-on foods, grease, oil, mineral deposits, and rust.

How to Use Comet Powdered Cleanser?

This product is super simple and easy to use. When you have a tough mess or stain that needs removing, you can use Comet powdered cleanser using the following steps.

1. Wet the surface that needs to be cleaned

2. Sprinkle Comet powder cleanser on surface and let sit for 15 seconds

3. Use a wet sponge or cloth to rub the stain/mess away

4. Rinse surface thoroughly

5. If the stain or mess remains, repeat steps 1-4 but allow the cleanser to sit for 1 minute

What Are The Ingredients in Comet Powdered Cleanser?

One of the best ways to determine whether Ajax or Comet is the better cleaner is by taking a look at their ingredients. Here’s a table detailing the ingredients found in Comet and their purposes.

Ingredient Purpose
Bleach Cleaner & Disinfectant
Calcium Carbonate Cleaning Agent
Sodium Carbonate Cleaning Agent
Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid Surfactant
Trichloroisocyanuric Acid Cleaning Agent
Fragrance Scent
Dye Color

Is Comet Powdered Cleanser Toxic?

While Comet isn’t technically considered toxic, it is a powerful chemical cleaner that should be used with caution. Only use this product as directed, and contact a health care professional if you have any concerns.

Comparison Questions (Ajax vs Comet)

Is Ajax or Comet More Affordable?

Since Ajax and Comet package their products differently, it can be difficult to tell which is the more affordable cleaner. That’s why we’ve decided to break down the cost of each product to compare their price per ounce.

Brand Price Per Ounce
Comet $0.45
Ajax $0.23

As you can see from the table above, Ajax is nearly half the price of Comet! That conclusively sets Ajax as the more affordable product.

Which Cleaner is More Powerful?

Which Cleaner is More Powerful

Both Comet and Ajax are meant to tackle the toughest household messes, including grease, oil, rust, and stains from hard water buildup. While reviews on each brand show that their products are both effective, we can look at the ingredients to determine which is truly more powerful.

While both cleaners have a good amount of cleaning agents in their ingredients, only Ajax contains specific ingredients for stain removal. That makes Ajax the more powerful cleaner.

Which Product is More Environmentally Friendly?

Ajax and Comet both contain bleach and powerful ingredients that aren’t exactly eco-friendly. However, if you take a look at their packaging, you’ll see that Comet uses a minimum of 50% post-consumer recycled materials to package their products. That makes Comet the more eco-friendly brand between these two.

Related Questions

Are Comet And Ajax The Same?

These two products are very similar, but they aren’t exactly the same. There is some variation in ingredients between these two products. Ajax uses more stain removers than Comet does, which makes that product better suited for eliminating tough stains.

What Does Ajax Smell Like?

Ajax’s powdered cleanser only comes in one fragrance, which isn’t described on the product’s website. However, customer reviews and other sources have described their fragrance as cedar pine.

Ajax vs Comet vs Bon Ami

Bon Ami is another powder cleanser with the same purpose as Comet and Ajax. While Comet and Ajax have very similar ingredients, Bon Ami stands apart. They have 5 simple ingredients and are free of bleach, phosphates, and other harsh chemicals. If you’re looking for a safer alternative to clean around the home, then Bon Ami is an excellent choice.

The Verdict – Which Is Better?

In the debate between Ajax vs Comet Powdered Cleansers, we’ve reviewed each product, their effectiveness, and their affordability. In all of these comparisons, Ajax has come out as the clear winner. Their powdered cleanser contains more stain removers, which makes it a more powerful cleaner. It’s also more affordable than Comet, so if you need a powerful and affordable cleaner, then Ajax is the perfect product for you!