Why is my Pur Water Filter Blinking Red After Filter Change?

Gadgets can make our lives easier and more convenient, but they can also be confusing. Your Pur Water Filter is a great example. When the filter needs changing, it blinks red. However, sometimes the blinking continues even when you’ve changed the filter. In this case, what gives?

This issue is most often the result of debris lodged in the filter compartment or an incorrectly placed filter. It can also be the result of heat damage.

I’ll go over how to tell which one it is, and how to fix it.

Pur Water Filters

Pur Water Filters are either attached directly to the faucet or come in a pitcher variety. In both cases, the water is pushed through a filtration system before it reaches your glass. To accomplish this, both use a replaceable filter.

What the Blinking Light Means?

Pur Water Filters also has a light on the outside of the unit. This light tells you if the filter is working properly. The light can be three colors, each with an associated meaning.

  • Green – Your water filter is working as intended.
  • Yellow – It is time to replace the filter, as it is reaching the end of its’ life.
  • Red – The filter is no longer working and/or there is some other problem with the unit.

Normally, once the filter has been replaced, the light goes back to green. However, in some instances that is not the case.

The Filter Has Been Changed but the Light is Still Blinking

If you’ve already changed the filter, but the light continues to blink, then solving the problem may not be quite so simple. You’ll need to do some troubleshooting – I’ve got a list of common problems to help you get started.

Incorrectly Installed Filter

The most common reason that you have a red light after the filter has been changed, is that it is not quite in place. The unit is very sensitive, and any small irregularity will cause the light to flash. Take the filter out again and reinstall. Ensure that the filter is completely in place. If this was the problem, the light will stop blinking after you’ve put the filter in again.

Debris lodged in the Filter Compartment

The second reason you might have a flashing red light after a filter change is that there is something stuck in the filtration compartment. The unit will interpret this as a dirty filter, even if you’ve just put a new one in. This issue is very common in pitcher units or locations with very hard water.

To fix the problem, remove the filter and clean the inside of the filter compartment with a damp cloth or fingers. For scaling or mineral buildup, gently scrubbing with a nylon wire brush may be necessary. Then, replace the filter as normal, and the light should stop blinking red.

Resetting the Filter

If neither of the above options does the trick, you can always do the tried-and-true method: turn it off and back on again. Like most machines, sometimes an unknown quirk will cause the Pur Water Filter to get stuck on a particular light with no discernable reason. In this case, the best thing to do is to reset the filtration unit.

Here is a quick guide for resetting both faucet and pitcher models. If this solution has worked, the red blinking light should not return.

Resetting Faucet Models

1. Completely disconnect the filtration system from the faucet and all other connections.

2. Next, remove the filter.

3. Press the reset button four to five times. Once it has been properly reset it will pop up slightly. This button is usually located in the bottom corner of the machine.

4. Carefully put the filter back into the unit.

5. Reinstall the unit to the faucet.

Resetting Pitcher Models

1. Locate the reset button on the top of the pitcher next to the light.

2. Hold it down for about five seconds. When the pitcher has been reset, the light should flash green.

Heat Damage

Another reason you might be getting this blinking red light is because the unit is damaged somehow. The most common way that a Pur Water Filter becomes damaged is from heat. Pur Water Filters are only designed to filter cold water, so if you push hot water through the filter this can damage the machine.

Usually, this damage occurs in the form of warping of the plastic components or damage to the circuits. Both can cause a flashing light. In this case, the most cost-effective solution is to buy a new unit. For this reason, I suggest exhausting all the other solutions I mentioned first.

Final Thoughts

The Pur Water Filter light is very useful for letting us know if the unit is working properly. It notifies the user of a variety of issues including a dirty filter, dirty housing, an incorrectly installed filter, a system error, and damage to the unit. When the light is blinking red, that means that the water is not getting filtered properly, so you should solve the problem before continuing to use your water filter.

Luckily, all the most common issues can be solved quickly and easily. When the light continues to blink red after a filter change; cleaning out the housing, reinstalling the filter, and resetting the unit are all great things to try. Failing all of this, your best bet may be to buy a new one.