Structube vs Wayfair | What’s the Better Furniture Brand?

Whether you’re moving into a new home or hoping to give your current home a makeover, finding the best furniture brand is essential. You want something durable enough to stand up to everyday use, nice enough to match the aesthetics of your home, and affordable enough to buy matching sets.

Wayfair is one of the biggest international online retailers in the world, and Structube is one of the biggest furniture retailers in Canada. Both brands are well-known and have a loyal customer base. So, what’s the better furniture brand?

Well, stick around because that’s what we’re going to determine. We’ll compare some products both brands offer, their price points, and answer some head-to-head comparison questions to determine which is the better furniture brand.

What’s the Difference Between Structube and Wayfair?

Structube and Wayfair are both home accessory and furniture retailers. They offer a lot of similar products, and both brands focus on furniture that their customers can assemble themselves. However, there are some very key differences between these two brands.

Structube has several physical locations throughout Canada, and they also sell their products online. However, they only offer shipping to Canadian residents, and don’t serve any other markets.

Wayfair, on the other hand, is an international retail giant. They ship to most countries worldwide, and are purely an online retailer. Wayfair doesn’t have any physical locations, which makes their brand pretty unique.

About Structube

Structube is a furniture retail company based in Canada. They focus on delivering high-quality products to their customers for the lowest price point possible. Structube began in 1974 in Quebec as a family-owned company. While they’re still family owned, they have expanded to several other provinces as of 2022.

Structube focuses on self-assemble furniture for the convenience of their customers, and to reduce the risk of furniture being damaged during transport. They currently only serve customers who live in Canada.

About Wayfair

Wayfair began in 2002 as This company also managed several niche sites, but all sites were consolidated to their main domain in 2011. They have a focus on providing customers with a unique online shopping experience.

Wayfair has 14 million products available on their website, and most of those are self-assemble furniture. They offer an enormous range of styles, price points, and features for their products. This company has truly become a place where everyone can find something that appeals to them. They ship to nearly every country world-wide and have headquarters in several countries.

What Types of Products Does Structube and Wayfair Offer?

Structube and Wayfair both offer an enormous variety of products. They sell mattresses & beds, furniture for every room of your home, and tons of home décor products. There are truly too many products to list!

We’re going to compare a few similar products from each furniture brand so you can see how their similar products compare.

Dining Room Tables

Dining Room Tables

Every home needs a solid and reliable dining room table. It’s the focal point of the dining room and a place where the whole family can come together. Let’s take a look at the dining room tables Structube and Wayfair have available.

Structube Dining Room Tables 

Structube has an impressive variety of dining room tables, especially considering their limited clientele. They have 80 items available on their website, and they come in a range of styles and shapes.

Most of their dining room tables are made of strong, resilient woods such as acacia wood, mango wood, recycled timber, walnut veneer, oak, and more. They also have dining room tables made of medium density fiberboard, marble & chrome, and clear tempered glass with ash wood veneer.

Their materials are high-quality; there’s no doubt about that! Structube also has a variety of shapes and sizes. You can find tables in rectangle, square, circle, and oval shapes. Their sizes range from 80-260cm.

Structube doesn’t have a huge range of styles available. Most of their tables feature a minimalist design, but that’s the common theme with all their furniture.

Price Range: $89-$1300+

Wayfair Dining Room Tables

As we said earlier, Wayfair has roughly 14 million items available on their website. You’ll always have an impressive variety of products to look through, no matter what you’re searching for! Their dining room tables are no exception! With nearly 20,000 products to sort through, customers have a good chance of finding a piece that suits their needs through Wayfair.

This retailer has a ton of options to help you narrow down your search. You can start by choosing which material you want for your dining room table. Their options include wood, metal, glass, marble/granite, iron, steel, concrete, and stone.

All of these materials are fairly good quality and durable, especially premium materials like marble/granite, iron, concrete, and stone.

You can also find a dining table based on your desired shape, size, or color. They have all the same shapes and colors as Structube, but they do have some different styles and sizes.

Wayfair has more eccentric styles available, and a wider variety of sizes than Structube. Most of Structube’s dining tables have the same minimalist feel as the rest of their furniture.

Price Range: $65-$42,000+

Dressers & Chests

Dressers & Chests

Finding the perfect dresser or chest for your bedroom can be a hassle. You want something functional that also suits your style and matches the rest of your room. Let’s see what Wayfair and Structube have to offer.

Structube Dressers & Chests

Structube has a solid 48 items available in their dresser & chest section. Most of these items follow their typical minimalist aesthetic, but it really works for this type of furniture! They have a ton of sleek, solid wood dressers and chests that can look great in any space!

Most of their dressers and chests are made of strong, durable wood, but others are made with medium density fiberboard or particle board. They have a handful of color options and a few unique styles that look more modern.

Price Range: $189-$1,000+

Wayfair Dressers & Chests

Wayfair has over 14,000 dressers and chests available on their website. Once again, they beat out Structube in terms of their variety, especially the different styles they offer. They only have three choices for materials in this category, and those are wood, metal, and wicker/rattan.

You can find dressers and chests in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles through Wayfair. You can narrow your search down even further on their website by assembly type, dresser type, and features.

Price Range: $52.99-$19,000+

Home Décor

Home Décor

Structube and Wayfair are two great retailers to go through when looking for home décor products. They both sell an enormous variety of home décor items. This includes but isn’t limited to, wall décor, textiles, lanterns, storage & baskets, artificial flowers & planters/vases, clocks, and mirrors.

Structube Home Décor

If you search for home décor on Structube, you’ll find an impressive 566 items available on their website! They have a huge variety of home décor items, and the minimalist style that rules their furniture doesn’t overpower their home décor items.

You can find home décor pieces that are modern and stylish, old-fashioned and nostalgic, or even futuristic-looking! They also have a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available depending on what product you’re searching for.

Price Range: $3-$699

Wayfair Home Décor

Wayfair once again has tens of thousands of options available. Their home décor covers everything from simple throw pillows to extravagant mirrors and window treatments.

You can find home décor items in virtually any shape, size, color, and style that you want through Wayfair. Their options are overwhelming, but thankfully their website is easy to navigate. You can sort your search by category to help you find your ideal product.

Price Range: $1.99-$8,000+

Comparison Questions (Structube vs Wayfair)

Which Furniture Brand is More Affordable?

Structube is more affordable than Wayfair across all categories. Their products are almost always more reasonably priced, but part of the reason for that is they tend to follow a minimalist design/construction.

Wayfair has some simpler items, but they also have a ton of over-the-top and extravagant items as well. If you’re looking for affordability, then you’ll definitely want to go with Structube!

Which Furniture Brand Is Better Quality?

We detailed the materials Structube and Wayfair uses for some key household items like dining room tables and dressers & chests. While many of the materials they use are similar, there are some differences.

Structube doesn’t use simple and less durable materials like plastic. They only use high-quality materials such as medium density fiberboard, strong woods, and particleboard.

Wayfair does have some products made of plastic and other weaker materials. If you’re furniture shopping and looking for high quality at an affordable price, then you’re going to want to go through Structube. However, if you have the extra money to spend, then Wayfair has some very nice high quality items.

Which Furniture Brand Has Better Customer Service?

Structube and Wayfair have the same rating for customer service through reputable sites like TrustPilot. It seems that the negative reviews on Wayfair’s page are centered around a lack of customer service, while the negative reviews on Structube are more centered around shipping difficulties.

Most customers seem to have a positive experience after speaking with Structube’s customer service representatives, while the customer service reps for Wayfair have been called rude, dismissive, and unhelpful in several online reviews. If you’re looking to buy through a company with great customer service, then you’ll probably want to shop with Structube!

Which Furniture Brand Has A Larger Variety of Products?

Without a doubt, Wayfair has a larger variety of products. They have roughly 14 million products listed at any given time, while Structube has far fewer. Wayfair also has more choices around the style of their products, the design, and the color.

Finding a unique or eccentric piece of furniture through Wayfair is a breeze, and would be challenging if not impossible through Structube. For those who value variety, you’re better off shopping with Wayfair.

The Verdict – Which Furniture Brand Is Better?

Wayfair and Structube are both good quality furniture retailers who value giving customers high-quality products. While Structube’s products are always more affordable, they’re also very limited who they can ship to, and offer little in the way of variety.

Structube has an enormous variety of products, can ship virtually anywhere, and has plenty of high-quality products available. In the debate of Structube vs Wayfair- Wayfair wins as the better furniture brand!