List of Every Bissell Cleaning Solution (Ultimate Guide)

Bissell is widely regarded by homeowners as one of the best floor-cleaning companies. They have a variety of vacuums for different surfaces, and their cleaning solutions are second to none. They have cleaning solutions specifically for hardwood floors, pets, and so much more!

Bissell has four categories of cleaning solutions separated by vacuum time and purpose. They have upright carpet cleaner solutions, portable carpet formula, bare floor formula, and cleaners with Febreze freshness.

We’re going to explore each category and the cleaners within. Finding the best cleaning solution for your home is essential for keeping everything looking and smelling fresh! By the end of this guide, you’ll know the exact formula you need for every area of your home.

17 Bissell Cleaning Solutions

There are 17 total cleaning solutions offered by Bissell, although some come in a few different fragrance options. Bissell has cleaning solutions designed for pet messes, spot treatments, and multiple surfaces! Some provide homeowners with an extra boost of Febreze freshness, while others use Oxy to enhance their cleaning power. Let’s take a deeper look at every Bissell cleaning solution.

1. Pet Pro Oxy Urine Eliminator

Bissell PET PRO OXY Stain Destroyer for Carpet and Upholstery, 22 oz, 2 Pack, 17739, 44 Fl Oz

This unique formula eliminates tough pet stains like mud or urine and works to simultaneously eliminate the stain and the odor. Pet Pro Oxy Urine Eliminator also uses Febreze to give your carpets, area rugs, and other soft surfaces a clean, fresh scent.

2. Spot & Stain

BISSELL Spot & Stain with Febreze Freshness Spring & Renewal Formula, 7149, 32 ounces

Great for removing tough stains caused by coffee, grease, or wine, the Bissell Spot & Stain formula is ideal for stubborn messes. You can use this formula on carpets, area rugs, upholstered furniture, and other soft surfaces.

3. Pro Max Clean & Protect

Bissell 78H63 Deep Clean Pro 4X Deep Cleaning Concentrated Carpet Shampoo, 48 ounces - Silver

Pro Max Clean & Protect is perfect for heavily soiled areas and tough ground-in dirt and messes. Pro Max Clean & Protect has StainProtect ingredients to prevent the reoccurrence of tough stains and eliminates tough odors. There’s also a version that comes with Febreze to give your carpets and other soft surfaces an extra boost of freshness.

4. Pet Stain & Odor

Bissell 2X Pet Stain & Odor Full Size Machine Formula, 60 Ounces, 99K5A, 60-Ounce, Fl Oz

Bissell is known for its dedication to protecting pets and supporting homeowners in their journey to keep their homes clean despite the messes that come along with family pets. Pet Stain & Odor formula works to break down the toughest pet messes and eliminate odors. It’s ideal for cleaning up messes like mud, vomit, urine, and more pet-related stains.

5. Pet Stain & Odor + Antibacterial

Bissell Pet Stain & Odor Plus Antibacterial 2 in 1 Carpet Formula, 1567, 40 Fl Oz

Designed for households with pets and kids, Bissell’s Pet Stain & Odor + Antibacterial formula is perfect for eliminating tough messes and odors caused by vomit or urine. This cleaning solution also works to kill the bacteria left behind by these types of messes.

6. Pet Clean + Natural

Bissell PET Clean Multi Surface, 64 oz. Natural Formula, Clear

If you love Bissell’s Pet Stain & Odor formula, but want something more eco-friendly, then their Pet Clean + Natural formula is the perfect cleaning solution for you! This formula uses natural ingredients to break down tough stains and eliminate odors. It’s free of heavy metals, phosphates, and dyes and contains biodegradable ingredients only.

7. Clean & Refresh

BISSELL DeepClean + Refresh with Febreze Freshness Spring & Renewal Formula, 1052A, 60 ounces

The Clean & Refresh formula is ideal for homeowners who need to remove everyday stains and odors from their carpets, area rugs, upholstered furniture, and other soft surfaces. This cleaning solution also comes with Febreze for an additional fresh scent. Some scents available for this formula are the original Gain scent, Linen & Sky, and Lavender.

8. Deep Clean + Antibacterial

Bissell Antibacterial 2-in-1 Carpet Cleaner

For extra tough messes where bacteria is a concern, the Deep Clean + Antibacterial formula is available to help homeowners keep their homes clean and safe. This formula is similar to the Pet Stain & Odor + Antibacterial cleaning solution, and it works well on deep, ground-in messes on carpets, area rugs, and other soft surfaces.

9. Pro Oxy Deep Clean

BISSELL® PRO OXY Deep Clean Formula, 48 oz. (3156)

Bissell combines their own unique cleaning solution with the power of Oxy in their Pro Oxy Deep Clean solution. This formula works well to break down tough, ground-in messes while eliminating the odors associated with them. This formula is especially good for vibrant stains caused by red wine, juice, or food.

10. Clean + Allergen

BISSELL 2X Allergen Cleansing Full Size Machine Formula, 60 ounces, 89Q5A

Many people struggle with allergies, and Bissell’s Clean + Allergen cleaning formula offers them an innovative solution. This formula is free of heavy metals and phosphates and is only lightly scented. It’s uniquely capable of removing common allergens like dirt and pet dander from carpets and area rugs in the home.

11. Woolite InstaClean Pet

Bissell Woolite InstaClean Pet Full Size Machine Formula, 32 oz

Bissell combines the power of its pet cleaning formula with the stain-fighting abilities of Woolite in their Woolite InstaClean Pet formula. This cleaning solution is said to instantly remove tough stains caused by mud or vomit from your carpet in as little as 30 seconds and leaves behind a refreshing, clean scent.

12. Oxygen Boost Stain Removal

BISSELL OXYgen BOOST Portable Machine Formula, 32 ounces, 0801

This formula is only compatible with Bissell’s portable carpet cleaners, and it works as a pretreatment for tough stains on carpets caused by red wine, juice, and similar messes. The Oxygen Boost Stain Removal formula boosts cleaning performance and works well as a spot treatment for small, tough stains.

13. Multi-Surface Pet + Febreze

Bissell Multi-Surface Pet + Febreze Formula 32oz (2295)

Pets don’t just make messes on carpets and furniture! Bissell’s Multi-Surface Pet + Febreze formula is suitable for use on sealed hardwood floors as well as rugs so that you can eliminate all those tough pet messes with a single cleaning solution! This solution will leave behind a streak-free clean, and fresh scent of Febreze.

14. Wood Floor

Bissell Crosswave Wood Floor Cleaning Formula, 32 oz. 1929, RED, 32 Fl Oz

Bissell’s Wood Floor cleaning solution works to eliminate messes and leave behind a streak-free clean on all sealed hardwood floors. It contains eco-friendly, biodegradable ingredients and a fresh lemon scent.

15. Multi-Surface

BISSELL, 17891 MultiSurface Floor Cleaning Formula-Crosswave and Spinwave (64 oz), 64 Ounce, 64 Fl Oz

When you need the power of a Bissell cleaning solution across multiple surfaces in your home, this Multi-Surface formula will get the job done. It works well on wood, tile, area rugs, and other approved surfaces to remove dirt, grime, and other tough messes.

16. Demineralized Steam Mop Cleaners

BISSELL Eucalyptus Mint DEMINERALIZED STEAM MOP Water, 32 Ounces, 1392, White & Spring Breeze Demineralized Water 32 oz, 1394

If you’re a fan of Bissell’s steam mops, then you’ll love the Demineralized Steam Mop cleaning formulas! These formulas are designed to help eliminate tough messes and odors while extending the life of your steam mop. There are Eucalyptus Mint and Spring Breeze fragrance options, so you can get your floors clean and smelling great again!

17. Hard Floor Sanitize

Bissell Hard Floor Sanitize Formula, 64 oz, 25041

The Hard Floor Sanitize formula is safe to use on sealed hardwood, tile, vinyl, ceramic, and other hard floors. It easily removes tough messes and odors while also eliminating 99.9% of all types of bacteria.

Comparison Questions (Bissell Formulas)

Pet Stain & Odor vs Pet Stain & Odor + Antibacterial

These cleaning solutions are incredibly similar and largely serve the same purpose. Both are designed to eliminate tough stains and odors caused by pet messes such as mud, urine, or vomit. However, the Pet Stain & Odor + Antibacterial formula also eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria caused by pet messes. It’s an excellent option for homeowners with compromised immune systems or children in the home.

Pet Stain & Odor vs Pet Clean + Natural

Both cleaning solutions achieve the same goal but use slightly different ingredients to do so. You’ll be able to remove tough, ground-in stains and odors caused by pets, kids, or unexpected messes with either formula. However, the Pet Clean + Natural formula is free of heavy metals, phosphates, and other ingredients. It’s a more eco-friendly option than the Pet Stain & Odor formula.

Pet Clean + Natural vs Clean + Allergen

These formulas both use eco-friendly ingredients to remove tough messes and odors from area rugs, carpets, and other soft surfaces in the home. The difference is the Clean + Allergen formula is specifically designed to target and eliminate common allergens in the home, like dust and pet dander.

Related Questions

Can You Use Bissell With Just Water?

It’s fine to use your Bissell machine with just water. You don’t have to add formula to the machine, and this is a great option for rinsing your carpets or upholstery after giving them an intense, deep clean. However, don’t expect to remove tough messes or odors with just water.

Can You Use A Different Cleaning Solution in a Bissell?

While it’s not recommended to use a non-Bissell branded cleaning solution in a Bissell machine, it is possible. Some people even mix up their own solution with simple ingredients like water and vinegar. However, doing so will void your warranty, so make sure you understand the risks before using a different cleaning solution in a Bissell machine.

What Carpet Cleaning Solution Do Professionals Use?

Carpet cleaning professionals typically have a range of cleaning solutions at their disposal and choose one to use based on the type of mess they’re dealing with. Everyday messes caused by dirt are typically treated with an alkali solution, while organic messes caused by food or drink require an alkali enzymatic solution.

The Verdict – Which Bissell Cleaning Solution Is Right for You?

Bissell has a cleaning solution for every type of mess and flooring. Try their Multi-Surface formula to give your hardwood, area rugs, and tile floors a deep clean. Grab a bottle of their Clean + Allergen when springtime comes around to eliminate those allergens from your home. You can use this list as a guide to determine the perfect cleaning solution for your needs so you always have a clean and happy home.