Glad Forceflex vs Forceflex Plus | What’s the Difference?

Finding the right trash bag is a necessity in life. No one wants to experience that heart-stopping moment when you lift a garbage bag out of the trash can and realize it’s torn. Not only does that mean a wasted trash bag, but it’s also a very unpleasant mess to clean up!

Glad offers super strong trash bags called Forceflex and Forceflex Plus. They sound pretty similar, but there is a key difference between these two products. We’re going to give you an in-depth review of each trash bag so you can see the difference and which is the better option.

Are you curious as to what the difference is between Glad Forceflex and Forceflex Plus? You’re in just the right place! We’re going to cover this topic in detail throughout this guide.

What’s the Difference Between Glad Forceflex and Forceflex Plus?

Glad Forceflex and Forceflex Plus are very similar products. They each can fit trash cans of up to two feet, feature odor protection with Febreze freshness, and use LeakGuard technology to prevent any liquid from leaking out of your trash bag.

But there’s a big difference between these two products. Forceflex Plus is 2x stronger than the original Forceflex and similar competing products. It has a few special features that the original Forceflex bags don’t offer such as a reinforced bottom, double seams, and RipGuard technology to prevent the bag from tearing and ripping.

These differences are essential for customers to be aware of so they can confidently choose the right product for them. We’re going to get further into this later in this guide.

All About Glad 

Glad is an iconic household product company that’s been around since 1963. Originating in the USA, Glad has become a global presence, though their biggest market remains in the USA.

David Darroch launched their first product, Glad Wrap, in 1963. The Glad brand was originally owned by Union Carbide, which David was the CEO of, before being sold to First Brands Corporation in 1985. This company was then acquired by The Clorox Company in 1998, and Glad has remained a part of The Clorox Company ever since.

Glad has put out a number of trash and food-related products over the years, and they now have a firm stance on sustainability. Along with their usual variety of products, Glad has now begun to introduce compostable and recyclable trash bags in an effort to create more environmentally friendly products.

Glad Forceflex Glad® ForceFlex Tall Kitchen Drawstring Trash Bags, 13 Gallon, Unscented, 120 Count.

Glad Forceflex trash bags are designed to fit most residential trash cans. They have a width of 1 foot and 11 ¾ inches and a height of 2 feet and ⅜ inches. Whether you need these garbage bags for your indoor or outdoor trash cans, Glad Forceflex will make a great fit!

They also feature 3-ply drawstrings that grip the trash can, so your bag (and garbage) are guaranteed to stay in place. These garbage bags have LeakGuard protection to keep liquids inside the garbage bag instead of leaking out on your floor, and they feature a unique checkerboard pattern that contains an inner layer to reinforce its strength and an outer layer for extra leak protection.

Glad Forceflex is a great trash bag for even the smelliest garbage. These bags work to trap, lock-in, and neutralize odors while emitting some pleasant Febreze scents.

These bags come highly rated and in a variety of pleasant fragrances, but we’ll explore their fragrance options later in this guide.

Glad Forceflex Plus Glad Protection Series ForceFlex Plus Drawstring Lemon Fresh Bleach Odor Shield with Clorox 13 Gallon 90ct

Glad Forceflex Plus trash bags have many of the wonderful features the original Forceflex garbage bags offer, along with some special additions. These garbage bags have twice the leak protection power of the original Forceflex bags.

Forceflex Plus bags have two layers to protect against leaks, as well as a reinforced bottom that helps keep any liquids inside the bag and helps keep your trash can clean. These bags also have double side seams and RipGuard technology to prevent rips and tears.

These bags have the same dimensions as their original Forceflex bags, which means they can fit most trash cans. You can be sure the Forceflex Plus bags will trap, lock-in, and neutralize odors just as well as the original, and they also come in a choice of Febreze fragrances.

Comparison Questions (Glad Forceflex vs Forceflex Plus):

What Fragrances Does Glad Forceflex and Forceflex Plus Come In?

Both of these products have fragrance options for you to choose from. Glad Forceflex actually offers more variety with fragrances than Forceflex Plus. Here’s a table that shows which product offers which fragrance:

Fragrance Glad Forceflex Forceflex Pus
Gain Original
Fresh Clean
Gain Lavender
Mountain Air  
Lemon Fresh  
Beachside Breeze  
Citrus & Zest  
Gain Island Fresh  
Gain Moonlight Breeze  

Both products offer a solid variety of fragrances to choose from, although the original Forceflex has slightly more options than Forceflex Plus.

Which Garbage Bag Is More Affordable?

One of the top questions people typically have when comparing two products is, “Which is the better deal?”. Comparing Glad Forceflex vs Forceflex Plus is no different! You want to know which is the more affordable garbage bag and we have the answer for you.

The best way to compare the prices of these products is to break down their price points by the price per individual garbage bag. Here’s a table where we’ve done just that:

Product Price Per Garbage Bag
Glad Forceflex $0.19
Glad Forceflex Plus $0.24

As you can see, Glad Forceflex Plus is $0.05 more than their original Forceflex product. This does make sense, as Forceflex Plus offers additional features such as their reinforced bottoms and the double side seams. Given the extra material needed to make these bags, the increased price point is reasonable.

However, if you’re looking for the most affordable garbage bag, then Glad Forceflex is the right product for you!

Which Garbage Bag Is Stronger? Glad Protection Series ForceFlex Plus Drawstring Lemon Fresh Bleach Odor Shield with Clorox 13 Gallon 90ct

Glad Forceflex Plus is unequivocally the stronger trash bag. It has two layers, double seams, a reinforced bottom, and RipGuard technology to keep your trash in the bag instead of your trash can.

These features also work to prevent leaks from escaping the bag, which is a high priority for most people. If you’re looking for a reliably strong, leak-proof garbage bag, then you’ll want to go with Glad Forceflex Plus.

Related Questions:

What Are Glad Bags Made Of?

Most Glad bags are made of polyethylene. Their products don’t contain any plasticizers such as phthalates. Glad’s compostable bags are made of vegetable materials such as potato or corn starch.

Are Glad Compostable Bags Really Compostable?

Yes, Glad’s compostable bags are genuinely compostable. When exposed to enough moisture, these bags will compost just as well as food scraps, paper, and other materials. These bags are made of vegetable matter, so they’re able to be composted by any municipal facility that handles composting.

Are Glad Bags BPA Free?

All of Glad’s products are BPA-free. Their food bags are free of many common toxic materials, which is what makes them such a unique product. You can even microwave your food straight in a Glad food bag!

The Verdict – Which Is Better?

Comparing Glad Forceflex vs Forceflex Plus has made determining which is the better trash bag easy. While the original Glad Forceflex is a more affordable product, Forceflex Plus is definitely the better product. It’s stronger, provides better protection against leaks, and comes in a variety of pleasant fragrances. When you need a tough and reliable trash bag, go with Glad Forceflex Plus!