Can You Wash Ugg Slippers in the Washing Machine?

Uggs are the calling card of a stereotype due to their popularity. To capitalize on this popularity, the brand has begun selling house slippers which are quickly gaining traction. However, wearing them day in and day out can lead to dirty shoes. How can you keep them looking new? The brand does not suggest machine washing or drying Ugg slippers. Instead, they recommend a damp microfiber cloth. I have found that for more severe stains, a suede eraser might be warranted, as well as sprays for stinky shoes.

What are Ugg Slippers?

Ugg slippers are house shoes made in a similar style to the infamous Ugg Boots. They boast of being supremely fluffy and cozy. However, this luxurious fluffiness makes them prone to stink and easy to stain. Ugg slippers require routine maintenance to get the most out of them.


The outside of Uggs Slippers is suede sheepskin leather while the lining is made of wool. These materials are delicate and pricey, so maintaining them is often high on the priority list of consumers. The napped nature of both materials makes scrubbing or soaking them a big no-no, but can you wash them?

Can You Put Uggs in the Washing Machine?

While you could try to put Uggs in the washing machine, you probably shouldn’t. Fluffy or napped materials are notorious for being damaged by machine washing. The water and agitation are simply not ideal, and you are better off using a suede brush and microfiber cloth instead of soaking your Ugg Slippers.

What Happens if You Put Uggs in the Washing Machine?

While you might get lucky, the texture of the suede easily becomes frayed in a washing machine due to the spinning. Getting wool wet often causes the texture to become matted and unpleasant, which ruins the fluffy lining. Once this happens, it is impossible to reverse, and you will have to replace the slippers.

What Happens if You Put Uggs in the Washing Machine

Can You Put Uggs in the Dryer?

While the answer to washing Ugg Slippers is “probably not,” the answer to drying them is “absolutely not.” There is no faster way to ruin an expensive pair of shoes than to expose them to heat and tumbling. Every part of the shoes from the glue to the lining is likely to be ruined.

What Happens if You Put Uggs in the Dryer?

Putting Uggs in the dryer is likely to weaken the glue holding the shoes together. The heat of the tumble dryer partially melts the glue, which is not designed to stand up to significant temperatures. The shoes make look fine at first, but they will fall apart much faster. Additionally, the lining tends to clump up when tumble-dried. This is sadly unreversible once it happens.

How To Clean Ugg Slippers?

Instead of throwing your Uggs in the washer, here are some other ways to keep them looking sharp.

Routine Care

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to taking care of suede shoes like Uggs. A suede brush or toothbrush is your best friend. Using this brush, gently brush out any dust, dirt, or dried mud from the nap. Make sure to go the same way each time to avoid damaging the surface of the suede. This should be done about once a week for your best results.

suede brush for ugg slippers

Another useful care routine for leather shoes is applying a waterproofing spray every six months. Even though house slippers shouldn’t be worn in wet outdoor conditions, this spray will help prevent staining in the event of a spill and make the shoes more resistant to dust.


House shoes like Uggs are prone to stains from spills. You might be panicking because you dropped jam, paint, or wine on your shoes. However, stains can usually be removed from suede using a damp microfiber cloth, suede cleaner, and an eraser.

  • For fresh, still-wet stains, you can gently blot with a damp microfiber cloth. This should hopefully remove the stain from the top layer of the nap without getting it deeper into the leather.
  • For more stubborn stains, you can add a commercial cleaner designed for suede leather. Use the same blotting technique with a microfiber cloth.
  • If you have a dried-in stain, then it may be difficult to remove it unless you employ a suede eraser (or a clean pencil eraser). Gently rub the stain with the eraser until the stain disappears. Note that this method risks leaving a mark on the leather if you rub away too many layers. As such, I always advise it as a last resort.


Ugg slippers are prone to a real stink because of the cozy wool lining. To combat this, try sprinkling the inside of the shoes with baking soda and leaving it overnight. In the morning you can vacuum out the baking soda and give them a good sniff. The stink should then be gone. If your Uggs are still stinky after the baking soda treatment, there are some good ultra-strength sprays on the market for neutralizing stinky shoes.

Final Thoughts

Ugg slippers are comfy and popular, but not machine washable. Soaking or heating them is a surefire way to shorten the life of your shoes. Instead, you can use simple home remedies and commercial products to keep them clean. When wearing Ugg slippers, keep in mind that they are house shoes, and should ideally not be worn in dirty environments like a muddy backyard or during DIY projects.