Can You Wash Bissell Crosswave Brush in the Washing Machine?

While the Bissell Crosswave is a convenient floor cleaning solution, it still requires hands on maintenance. All models require manual cleaning except the pricier Bissell Crosswave Max. The brush used in the machine especially requires frequent cleaning. This needs to be done by hand without detergent.

You cannot put a Bissell Crosswave Brush into the washing machine without potentially damaging the brush. Laundry detergent would be to harsh for the brush, but most importantly the spinning is too rough.

What is a Bissell Crosswave Brush?

The Bissell Crosswave machine mops and vacuums floors in one step. To accomplish this, the machine has a rolling brush in contact with the floor. This brush is absorbent, much like a traditional mop. Because the brush is doing most of the cleaning, it must be removed and cleaned after each use to prevent clogging and general grossness.

What is it Made of? 

Bissell 1868 CrossWave Multi-Surface Brush Roll

The brush is made of small sections of microfiber cloth. This will absorb the machines’ cleaning solution and mop the floor with it as the brush turns. The cloth is adhered to a central rod made of plastic, which snaps into the brush compartment.

How Often do I Need to Replace my Bissell Crosswave Brush?

The manufacturer recommends replacing the brush every six months, but your mileage may vary slightly depending on usage. You can usually tell when it is time to replace the brush when the microfiber surface starts to look haggard. To keep your replacement needs to a minimum, thorough, proper cleaning is paramount.

Is it Safe to Put a Bissell Crosswave Brush in the Washing Machine?

The Bissell Crosswave brush cannot be put through the washing machine. This will cause damage to the microfiber cloth, and quickly ruin the brush. The microfiber cloth is adhered to the rod with adhesive that can be damaged by excessive heat. The cloth itself is also likely to become damaged by contact with harsh laundry detergents.

What Happens if I Put a Bissell Crosswave Brush in the Washing Machine?

If you put the Bissell Crosswave Brush into your washing machine, you should except damage to the glue that holds the microfiber to the rod. You can also expect the cloth to be frayed and less absorbent.

How Can I Clean My Bissell Crosswave Brush?

Instead of putting the brush in the washing machine, the manufacturer recommends hand washing with warm water. The brush and its’ compartment should be cleaned after each use to prolong the life of the machine.

1. Fill a sink or bucket with hot water (but not hot enough to burn your hands).

2. Open the brush-roll window.

3. Remove the brush by pulling gently on the tab, see manual for pictures.

4. Once the brush is removed, you can submerge it in the hot water and gently agitate the surface to dislodge dirt.

5. Drain the water and repeat steps 1-4 until the brush no longer dirties the water.

6. Let the brush dry a bit while you wipe down the housing.

7. Using A wet cloth, wipe down the compartment that housed the brush. Clean away any grime as best you can without using cleaners.

8. Once the housing is clean, you can replace the brush and close everything up.

Final Thoughts

Even though in many ways the Bissell Crosswave Machine is better than a traditional mop, it still needs to be cleaned out like one. You cannot machine wash the brush inside the machine. Instead, you will have to handwash it with only hot water to prevent damage. When you follow these instructions, the brush will last you about six months in between changes.