Bissell Crosswave vs Pet Pro | What’s the Better Vacuum?

Pets are a wonderful addition to the family but can also be a homeowner’s biggest headache! Cats and dogs are two of the most common pets, and depending on the breed, they can leave an insane amount of hair all over your carpets and furniture. Bissell Crosswave and Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro are two vacuums manufactured to help pet owners keep up with the mess, and each has its pros and cons.

Pet owners are going to want to stick with the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro for cleaning up pet-related messes around the home. This is the better vacuum because it comes with additional features, such as a tangle-free brush roll, that the original Crosswave lacks.

Finding the right vacuum to meet your needs can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! We did some digging on both vacuums and the features they offer so you can see which is the better vacuum.

What’s the Difference Between Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro?

The main difference between Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro are the features they offer. While both vacuums offer a range of similar features, including the ability to clean multiple surfaces and the convenience of being able to wash and vacuum at the same time, only Pet Pro offers the features a pet owner needs.

With the Pet Pro vacuum, you’ll have a tangle-free brush that stops pet hair from getting tangled and clogging your vacuum. The Pet Pro vacuum also comes with a pet hair strainer that separates out pet hair and large debris, so it doesn’t end up going down your sink drain!

About Bissell

Bissell was founded by husband and wife duo Melville and Anna Bissell in 1879. After Melvin’s death in 1889, his wife stepped up and became the first female CEO in America.

This company was founded on the belief that cleaning should be easy, and Bissell has been devoted to bringing their customers more effective cleaning solutions since it’s inception.

A range of vacuums aimed at targeting specific problems was launched throughout the early 1900s, and in 2005 the company released its first vacuum designed specifically for cleaning up messes after pets.

Bissell continues to be a family-owned company to this day and continues to work on improving products and inventing new ones to help make customers’ lives easier.

Bissell Crosswave BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Area Rug Cleaner, Wet-Dry Vacuum with Bonus Extra Brush-Roll and Extra Filter, 1785A , Green

The latest version of the original Bissell Crosswave came out in May 2018. While this wasn’t the first wet-dry vacuum to hit the market, it quickly became the most popular due to its impressive range of extra features.

The Bissell Crosswave is an innovative product that allows you to wash and vacuum your floors at the same time. It can be used on multiple surfaces, including tile, sealed wood floors, laminate, linoleum, rubber floor mats, pressed wood floors, area rugs, and more!

Using the Bissell Crosswave will allow you to clean your floors much more quickly and efficiently then sweeping and using a mop. It also comes with several exciting features to make your cleaning experience even smoother.


  • Two-tank technology. This allows you to always clean with a fresh solution. The cleaning solution is dispensed by one tank, while the dirty water that gets sucked up is stored in a separate tank.
  • Dual-action brush roll. You can clean faster and easier with this dual action brush roll that sucks up debris while dispensing fresh cleaning solution.
  • Safe On Multiple Surfaces
  • Carpet, Wood, and Pet Cleaning Formulas available

This vacuum weighs in at only 11.5lbs, so you won’t break your back carrying it up and down the stairs of your home. You can usually purchase this vacuum for a little over $200 on their website, Amazon, or other locations.

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner and Mop for Hard Floors and Area Rugs, 2306A

Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro is a must have for homes with or without pets. This vacuum allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time, so you don’t have to spend needless time first sweeping and then mopping your floors.

You can easily switch from hardwood or tile floors to carpet with this vacuums Fingertip Controls, and you control how much cleaner is dispensed with the On-Demand Formula Trigger.

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro essentially took all the amazing elements of the original Crosswave vacuum and added on several key features to create a new, more effective way to clean your home.


  • Safe On Multiple Surfaces. You can use the Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro on laminate, tile, sealed wood, pressed wood, vinyl, area rugs, rubber floor mats, and more!
  • Tangle-Free Brush Roll. The tangle-free brush roll prevents pet hair from clogging up your vacuum so you can have a smooth cleaning experience.
  • Pet Hair Strainer. The pet hair strainer separates out pet hair and other large debris. You won’t have to worry about clogging up your sink while emptying this vacuum!
  • Two-Tank Technology. The two-tank technology means that you’ll always have fresh cleaning solution to dispense, while the dirty water gets stored in a separate tank.

The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro only wighs 11.5lbs, so it’s easy to carry around to different areas of your home. This vacuum is going to cost you a bit more than the original Crosswave model. You can purchase it for under $300 on Bissell’s website, Amazon, and other locations.

How to Use Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro?

Despite being two separate products, you actually use Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro exactly the same! Many of Bissell’s vacuums work the same way, and it’s this kind of consistency that makes their products so popular and easy to use!

For both the Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro, follow these easy steps.

1. Remove the clean tank from your vacuum and fill it with clean water and your desired cleaning solution according to the fill lines on the tank.

2. Replace the tank in your vacuum.

3. Plug your vacuum into an outlet.

4. Select the appropriate setting on the handle. For hardwood, tile, and similar surfaces select the “hard floor” setting. For any type of carpeting, select the “area rug” setting.

5. Recline your machine to activate the brush rolls.

6. Hold the trigger down as you make a pass forward and backward over your floor. This will release the cleaning solution.

7. Make a second pass over your floor without holding the trigger to help suck up excess debris and help your floor or carpet dry faster.

8. Return your vacuum to its upright position to stop the brush rolls.

9. Empty and rinse the clean and dirty water tanks.

10. Place your vacuum back into a closet or wherever you prefer to store it until you need it again.

And that’s it! You can have sparkling clean floors and shimmering clean rugs with these ten easy steps.

Comparison Questions (Bissell Crosswave vs Pet Pro)

Which Vacuum is More Powerful?

Which Vacuum is More Powerful

Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro are both powerful wet/dry vacuums. They each feature brush rolls that rotate at 3,000 rotations per minute, which means they’re working hard to clean up any messes.

Both vacuums can be used on a variety of surfaces, however the Pet Pro is more powerful. This vacuum comes with additional features that the original Crosswave model lacks.

With the Pet Pro model, you have a Tangle-Free brush roll and a Pet Hair Strainer. These features are invaluable, even for those who don’t have pets! The Tangle-Free brush roll prevents hair and other debris from becoming tangled up in your vacuum and causing it to clog up or become damaged.

The Pet Hair Strainer also heps prevent clogs and damage to your vacuum by straining out pet hair and other debris. This prevents it from going into the dirty water tank, so you won’t accidentally send all that debris down your sink drain!

Which Vacuum is More Affordable?

Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro are actually pretty similar in price. You’ll find the Pet Pro model to be slightly more expensive, but only by $30 or so, depending on where you’re planning on purchasing it. Considering the invaluable additional features you receive with the Pet Pro, its price is extremely reasonable.

Technically, the Bissell Crosswave will cost you less. However, the extra features that come with the Pet Pro can prevent damaging wear and tear effects on your vacuum, which will save you money in the long run.

What Cleaning Formulas Can Be Used With Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro?

You can use the same four cleaning formulas with both Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro. The cleaning solutions available for these vacuums.

  • Area Rug
  • Wood Floor
  • Multi-Surface
  • Pet Multi-Surface

The Pet Multi-Surface formula comes infused with Febreze, so it’s guaranteed to leave your floors or carpets with a pleasant, fresh scent!

Related Questions

Bissell Crosswave Max vs Pet Pro

While the Pet Pro model has more helpful features than the original Crosswave, Bissell Crosswave Max has even more impressive features. Bissell Crosswave Max comes with a 36V lithium-ion battery, so you can clean for up to 30 minutes without being tied to an outlet.

The Crosswave Max model also comes with advanced edge cleaning, so you can more easily clean pet hair and other messes along baseboards and in the corners of your rooms. It also has a self-cleaning cycle that cleans the brush roll and inside of your machine, so there’s less clean up for you to worry about.

The Pet Pro model is more affordable than the Crosswave Max, but if you’re looking for the most effective cleaner, then you’re going to want to go with the Crosswave Max!

Bissell Pet Pro vs Pet Pro Plus

Bissell takes their pet cleanup skills to a whole new level with their Pet Pro Plus model. This model is only slightly more expensive than their Pet Pro model, and it comes with several unique features that makes it an essential tool for all homeowners with pets.

The Pet Pro Plus model affords you all the benefits of their original Pet Pro model, along with some serious additional features. This pretreats stains and spots with Bissell’s CleanShot formula, features a 2-in-1 Upholstery Tool to remove pet hair, odors, and stains from upholstery, and contains an EZ Clean Brush Roll Cover to make the clean up process smoother and more efficient.

If you have pets that regularly make a mess on your floor by dragging in dirt and mud or having the occasional accident, then you need the Bissell Pet Pro Plus!

The Verdict– Which is Better?

Bissell Crosswave and Pet Pro are powerful wet/dry vacuums that allow you to vacuum and clean your floors at the same time. Each vacuum comes with a variety of nifty features, but the Pet Pro model is far superior.

This model comes with a Tangle-Free Brush Roll and a Pet Hair Strainer that reduces the risk of wear and tear issues with your vacuum and keeps your floors perfectly clean without excessive effort.

Whether you have pets, kids, or simply need a powerful vacuum capable of cleaning tough messes off your floor, you’re going to want to get the Pet Pro!