10 Best Small-Sized Vanity Sets for Your Bedroom in 2023

There are many elements to consider when decorating a room to make it both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Vanity sets are a common staple piece in most bedrooms. They can provide functionality, efficiency, and comfort for how you get ready each morning and they can be a decorative statement piece, enhancing the ambiance of your bedroom.

There is a multitude of options and preferences to think about when purchasing a vanity set for your bedroom. Some have mirrors, lighting, and different sizes of drawers. To make it easy, here are the ten best small-sized vanity sets for your bedroom.

Because vanity sets can have so many features, the number of options out there can become overwhelming. Knowing what features to look for and what will best suit your needs will set you on your way to finding your perfect vanity.

What to Consider When Buying a Vanity Set


Consider if you will be using your vanity solely as a place to do your makeup or if will it act as more of a decorative display in your bedroom. You might also need your vanity set to have a flip-top mirror so that it can fold down flat to double as a work desk throughout the day. Ask yourself what you need a vanity to do for you.

Price and Value

What your vanity set is made out of can affect its price and its potential lifespan. For example, a real wood vanity set will cost more, weigh more, be less prone to damage, and last through the decades if taken care of. A vanity set may be more affordable if it is made out of materials like plastic and MDF but the risk of damage to the unit can be higher.

While price and quality are important factors, the most important factor is the maintenance of your vanity set and the environment it is kept in. If you have rambunctious children or very active pets who like to jump on furniture, you may not want to risk damaging an expensive vanity set and instead opt for a vanity set that looks great but will be cheaper to replace if needed.


Again, think about what you want to use your vanity for. If it is to display your favorite perfume or cologne bottles appealingly, you may not be as interested in the storage space a vanity can offer but if you will be using your vanity daily to store and apply your multi-step skincare routine, you may need ample drawer space.

Vanities can vary in the type and amount of storage they offer with some having two or three shallow drawers and others having larger, deeper drawers. If you require a lot of storage, some vanities come with extra shelving built-in. Think about everything you would want to store in your vanity to ensure you pick one that suits your needs.


Depending on your décor and personal preferences, vanity set mirrors come in various forms. Some are attached to the vanity unit while others are separate but matching in style. They can vary in shape, with some people choosing round mirrors for a modern look to add shape to their room, while others choose a tri-fold mirror style for a vintage-glam effect.

Another important feature of some vanity mirrors is lighting. If you plan on sitting at your vanity to do your make-up, decide on whether you prefer natural or artificial lighting. If you prefer natural lighting, you will likely place your vanity near a window meaning you may under-utilize a mirror with lighting built-in. Others might prefer adjustable lighting built into their vanity unit to achieve their best looks.

Chair or Stool

Most vanities come with a matching chair or stool. Consider if you want your vanity to have a chair or a stool. If you think you would sit at your vanity enough to warrant either, you’ll then need to decide which type of seating is ideal for you.

While vanity set stools tend to be compact and tuck underneath the vanity nicely, chairs can be a great accent piece to the vanity unit itself, providing a little extra support when seated. Seating choices can impact posture so you want to be sure to pick out something comfortable.


When picking out a vanity set, you might want to think about how comfortable it is for you to use. Not only should a vanity look good, but it should also feel good. When sitting at your vanity, you may want to think about the height of it, whether or not your items are well within reach, and if everything feels aligned (you are not contorting in any way to see yourself in the mirror).


Think about the overall theme of your bedroom. Vanities come in many different styles, making it easier to find the right fit for you however, they can also be customized if you have a knack for DIY. Vanities can come in monochromatic colors and gold trims for an elegant, modern look, or they come with curves carved into the desk and legs, to create more of a vintage feel.

When you look at your vanity it can transport you to a Hollywood dressing room, a Victorian-era powder room, or to a modern, contemporary art gallery. You get to decide which vibe you surround yourself with as you get ready each day.


Traditionally, most vanity sets have been made out of wood and while this can be aesthetically pleasing, it may not always be the most practical. Look for non-porous vanity table surfaces if you plan on doing your makeup and skincare routines at your vanity so that any spills can be easily cleaned up with no lasting damage to it.


Some vanities can be grandiose and take up quite a bit of wall space with ample storage and a large chair while others are compact and sleek, fitting in just about any size of bedroom. Before purchasing, you want to think about what size the room is that you will place your vanity in. A large master bedroom will accommodate a hefty vanity set in comparison to a single-room apartment. For this article, we will focus on small-sized vanities.

10 Best Small-Sized Vanity Sets for Your Bedroom

1. Roundhill Furniture Moniya Wood Makeup Vanity Set

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In six color options to match any style, this Roundhill small-sized wood vanity ranks at the top spot. With a classic design, it includes a vanity table, matching stool, an oval mirror with vintage-looking accents holding it in place, and three storage drawers. The mirror is also adjustable, increasing its comfort for makeup application.

2. VASAGLE Vanity Set with Flip Top Mirror, Makeup, Dressing, and Writing Desk

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As the name implies, this vanity ranks high because of its functional multi-purpose design. This vanity comes with a vanity table, a matching stool, and an attached mirror that can be folded down when not in use, turning the vanity into a usable desk space. The flip-top mirror feature is perfect for small spaces like dorm rooms where multi-purpose items are essential.

For further customizability, it also contains organizational features in its two drawers with removable dividers allowing for separation between cosmetics, jewelry, and office supplies if used as a workspace.

3. Frenchi Furniture Home Furnishing Two-Piece Vanity Set

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This Frenchi vanity features a tri-fold, tilting mirror design to cater to your best angles and one centered drawer to store your essentials for getting ready. The stark white color and sharp angles make it a piece that can match any room.

4. Mecor Vanity Table Set

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This vanity set comes with ample storage, up to four drawers, and is customizable as either a makeup vanity or a work desk with a removable top portion. The mirror can rotate 360 degrees to adjust to your preference.

The Mecor vanity is durable, made of both hardwood and MDF with sturdy wooden legs. Coming in three classic color options like black, brown, or white, make this a suitable choice for most spaces. The floral accents on the drawers, the stool, and the curves of the vanity desk have a cottage-core or classic powder room feel.

5. Roundhill Furniture Sanlo Wooden Vanity Set

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Roundhill makes our top ten list again with this vanity, featuring a tri-fold mirror design, four storage drawers, and a matching stool upholstered with floral pattern fabric. This sturdy vanity is made of wood and the bench is thickly upholstered to last you quite some time while offering great storage and table-top space.

It comes in three color options including a hand-applied rub-through finish, and brushed nickel hardware, lending to its extravagant feel.

6. Frenchi Home Furnishing One Mirror Vanity Set

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Perhaps the most compact vanity on our list, the Frenchi One Mirror vanity features a tilting mirror, one centered drawer, and a matching stool. In a classic white color, this vanity can blend into any decorative room theme. Made of solid wood, this vanity is also durable.

7. Linon Silver Harper Vanity Set

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Standing as maybe the most unique vanity on the list, the Linon set has a silver finish, decorative curvy legs, with a polyurethane finish. Instead of a conventional drawer, the mirror portion of this vanity is a flip-top style, revealing both the mirror and storage space when opened. This vanity is another great option for functionality as a makeup vanity and a work desk.

8. XCSOURCE Vanity Table Set with Lighted Mirror and Stool

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Another unique option on our top ten vanity list is the XCSOURCE vanity set, serving as a place where you can fully get ready for the day from hair to makeup. This vanity contains two large drawers, two smaller drawers on the tabletop, and shelving on the top portion.

The mirror contains a built-in LED light with adjustable brightness and three light tones for optimal visual comfort. Other features include an in-drawer jewelry organizer, a hairdryer, and a styling tool caddy that can attach to the side of the vanity.

This vanity achieves luxury with all of its customizable features, sleek LED lighting, and plenty of space to be your one-stop station to get dressed at.

9. OUTDOOR DOIT Vanity Table Set with Lighted Mirror

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This stylish Outdoor DOIT vanity has a contemporary feel with rustic accents. It has two large storage drawers in the main body of the table and two smaller drawers on the tabletop. The round LED mirror adjusts to three tones of lighting with a touch screen for ideal makeup application. The cushioned bench adds to the comfort of this vanity set.

10.  YOURLITE Vanity Table Set with Lighted Mirror

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With an angular minimalist design, this vanity set is customizable in many ways. It comes with two large storage drawers, and a matching cushioned stool. The mirror on this vanity is customizable coming in a round, oval, or square shape all of which have a built-in LED light system.

The lighted mirror offers customized brightness with a touch-operated surface. Upon opening the drawers, you will find that one drawer contains smaller compartments for organizing cosmetics and other small items.


Whatever your style and vanity needs, there are options on this list to match. While this list highlighted vanities that come in sets, you may be wondering about the individual components of a vanity set. Perhaps you picked up a vanity desk at a garage sale but it did not come with a mirror or seating. Even if you just want to customize your current vanity piece, there are options.

Do You Need to Buy the Whole Vanity Set?

As the name implies, vanity sets typically come as a set with a vanity table, mirror, and some form of seating. You might already have a vanity desk and are just looking for a matching chair or an updated mirror to bring new life to your vanity set.

Buying your vanity in separate parts can be a fun way to customize it while adding hints of your personality. Maybe you have a monochromatic vanity desk but want a boldly patterned chair to go with it. The design options can be endless and there is no reason you should not run with it and make it all you.

Already Have a Vanity Table? Here are 3 Stylish Vanity Stools

1. The Duhome Leather PU Vanity Stool

In multiple color options, the Duhome stool comes with an adjustable height feature making it friendly to the ergonomics of your body. A large metal base with a PU leather seat, this option is a good quality one!

2. The Jennifer Taylor Home Leona Collection Vanity Stool

When talking about customizability, this Jennifer Taylor Home vanity stool offers just that. It can turn a relatively plain vanity set-up to into one with personality and pizazz with its unique pattern and colorway.

3. The SONGMICS Vanity Stool

This Songmics stool comes in the standard black or white frame color options. It is easy to assemble and has a modern feel to it with the concave seat adding dimension to the vanity area.

Need a Vanity Mirror? Here are 3 Sleek Options

  1. ENCHILIN Hollywood Lighted Makeup Mirror
  2. Hamilton Hills Trifold Vanity Mirror
  3. Dicheng Lighted Makeup Mirror with Smart Touch Control

Final Thoughts

Your vanity set should not only be functional but also reflect your sense of style and design. It can set the mood for how you feel when you get ready each day and keep your cosmetics organized. Because they are so customizable, have fun picking out the elements you want or choose a set that best matches you.