10 Best Leather Sectionals for Dog Owners in 2023

For centuries now, leather has remained one of the most highly sought-after materials when it comes to buying furniture. Whether you enjoy the classy aesthetic of having a piece of genuine leather, the comfort offered due to its natural fibers, or just prefer the appeal of having furniture that won’t fade or peel, thus retaining its natural color and strength. There are millions of reasons why somebody might choose to buy a leather sectional.

Unfortunately, while there are numerous benefits to investing in leather furniture, the last thing you want to worry about is your furry friend clawing, scratching, and destroying your new purchase, particularly with how expensive leather furniture can be nowadays.

So, with how popular genuine leather is, as well as the growing appeal of sectional designs, we’ve done some research and found ten of the best leather sectionals for dog owners.

What to Consider When Buying A Leather Sectional for Dogs

Type of Leather (Durability)

When opting to buy a leather sectional, you don’t just want something that looks good but also something that will last a long time, which obviously becomes more complicated if you’re a dog owner. Thankfully, there are a number of different types of leather that carry varying levels of durability.

In terms of sustainability, you’re going to want to avoid leather options such as suede, bi-cast leather, and bonded leather. While each of these has a certain visual appeal and is definitely cheaper than genuine leather, none are going to hold up through normal wear and tear as well as premium full-grain genuine leather. Which, if treated properly, can last for decades.

Overall Size of the Sectional

Another very important factor to consider as a dog owner is the overall size of the sectional itself. Since it’s normal behavior for a dog to nestle in right next to its owner, you’re going to need a big enough sectional that can comfortably accommodate both you and your furry companion. Plus, with bigger sectionals, it’s easier to conceal minor damages like scratches, which would otherwise be an eyesore and noticed immediately on a smaller piece of furniture. 

Color of the Leather

With leather being such a tough material, it’s easy to see why it’s one of the best choices for dog owners. With that said, choosing the right type of leather is still extremely important, particularly when it comes to color.

Obviously, one of the primary advantages of leather sectionals is that they are durable, stain-resistant and age incredibly well. However, the truth is that all leather can be scratched, no matter how well you train your dog, so, the color of the leather matters a great deal.

Ideally, you’re going to want to choose a color of leather that varies very little from the front to the back. If the color on the back doesn’t match the color on the front, this will stand out immediately if any scratches were to occur. You’re probably going to want to go with a darker shade that makes marks less visible as well, just in case.

10 Best Leather Sectionals for Dog Owners

1. Hydeline Bella 100% Leather Sectional Sofa

Hydeline Bella Top Grain Leather Sectional with Left Chaise (U-Shape, Cognac)

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The first thing that jumps out with the Hydeline Bella 100% Leather Sectional Sofa is the size and durability of the unit as a whole. Not only is top-grain leather utilized on the seating and armrests, but split-grain leather is used on the sides and back as well, which is slightly less durable but equally as visually appealing.

Moreover, the kiln-dried solid wood base and glued wooden corner blocks offer solid support compared to its competitors, while the durable seat springs are designed to provide a balanced weight distribution for extended periods of time. Also featured are high-resiliency foam seat cushions that are entirely removable and wrapped in feather down and memory foam. As well as foam padded outside arms, backs, and solid wooden legs.

With size and durability being two of the aforementioned points of consideration as a dog owner, it’s no wonder this is our number one choice. Let alone how visually stunning it is as a sectional and even as a standalone chair, loveseat or sofa. Not only that, but you can even get the entire sectional personally delivered and even assembled in the room of your choice thanks to the company’s free premium white glove delivery service.

2. POLY & BARK Napa Sectional Sofa in Full-Grain Pure-Aniline Italian Tanned Leather POLY & BARK Napa 104.5" Left-Facing Sectional Sofa in Full-Grain Semi-Aniline Italian Tanned Leather in Midnight Blue

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While the Hydeline Bella 100% Leather Sectional Sofa illustrates more of a modern or contemporary design, the POLY & BARK Napa Sectional Sofa offers a far more homey feel. As an exceptionally well-crafted pure-aniline dyed Italian tanned leather sectional, this is a model that oozes class and sophistication.

Outside of its naturally rustic appeal, this is also a sectional that’s durably built, featuring a corner-blocked frame made with kiln-dried solid wood frame, reinforced metal joints, and solid wood legs with a gorgeous mahogany finish. The seating itself is filled with high-density foam and polyester, as well as a featherdown and fiber blend in the seat-back cushions. Providing the ultimate mixture of softness, support, and sustainability, making it a premier option for dog owners.

3. Zuri Furniture Wynn Black Leather Sectional Sofa (Luxury Pick) Zuri Furniture Wynn Black Leather Sectional Sofa with Adjustable Headrests - Right Chaise

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The simplistic feel of the previous design undoubtedly caught your attention, but if size and customizability is the name of the game, then you might want to consider the Wynn Black Leather Sectional Sofa by Zuri Furniture. Which is a reputable Texas-based furniture company that targets “style-conscious buyers” and has global outreach to countries like Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

As a larger model that can comfortably seat up to six people at once, this sectional could provide more than enough room for your entire family as well as your canine companion. It’s also covered in rugged top-grain aniline-dyed leather, while the back and sides are made with genuine split leather. Which has high abrasion resistance, meaning that it can stand up to any friction, rubbing, or wear down, making it more durable over time.

Past size and durability, the Wynn Black Leather Sectional Sofa also features adjustable headrests that can extend anywhere from 15 to 22 inches. As well as extra wide armrests (15”), and a reversible dining tray tucked away inside the armrest. Plus, this particular model comes available in black or white leather and you can even custom order additional pieces featuring around 29 different color choices.

4. Volans Sectional Sofa Volans Sectional Sofa, Mid Century Modern Leather Upholstered Square Modular Sectional Sofa Couch with Two Removable Non-Slip Pillows, Living Room Sofa Set, Congac(6 PCS)

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Looking for something with as much space as a few of the previous models but maybe a bit more personality? Well, look no further than Volans’ Sectional Sofa. Which can also comfortably seat up to six people at a time, but features a far more unique design.

Unlike a few of the aforementioned products, this sectional doesn’t come with a high back (or any back for that matter). Instead, it comes with six individual square sofa pieces that are armless, backless, and can be arranged in any formation you want. With that said, each piece features a removable back pillow and accent pillow for additional support, which, along with the rest of the sofa, is filled with high-density soft foam.

While the exterior of each piece is made with faux leather, which is traditionally less durable than genuine leather, it’s still a quality fabric that’s soft to the touch and easy to care for. With the flexibility to mix and match different shapes with each piece and the uniqueness of the design itself, investing in this model is guaranteed to impress.

5. ASHCROFT Demi Mid-Century L-Shaped Cushion Back Leather Sectional ASHCROFT Demi Modern Living Room Top Leather Corner Sectional Couch in Tan

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Next up on our list of the 10 best leather sectionals for dog owners we have the Demi by ASHCROFT Furniture. Which may not have as many features as some of the previous models, but offers an incredibly sleek and contemporary approach to modern home decor.

With a sturdy base that features solid wooden legs made from kiln-dried wood and exceptional craftsmanship designed to ensure long-lasting strength and durability, this sectional could be the staple of your home for years to come.

The comfort of this model is not to be questioned either, as each seat is filled with high-density foam, which is a high-quality foam designed for high-use areas, and the entire unit is covered in genuine tan leather that is soft to the touch. It also features stylish button tufting along each seat cushion as well as throw pillows to complete the overall aesthetic.

6. Hydeline Soma 100% Leather Sofa Chaise Hydeline Soma 100% Leather Sofa Chaise, Taupe

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Ok, so maybe you really liked our last selection, but want something even more compact. Thankfully, the Hydeline Soma 100% Leather Sofa Chaise masterfully blends the coveted contemporary feel with a smaller and more elegant design. Making it ideal for dog owners living in a smaller space like an apartment complex or rental unit.

Made with premium goose feather and down, durable pocket coils, and 2.23 high resiliency foam, this sectional is built to provide sustainable comfort leading into the next decade to come. Each seat cushion is completely removable, which allows for easy cleanup, and features a no-sag spring base that’s guaranteed to leave the seating intact after heavy usage.

Speaking of durability, top-grain leather can be spotted along the armrests and seating areas, while split-grain leather is used for the back and sides. Plus, Hydeline offers free premium white glove delivery service, meaning they can deliver, and assemble the entire sectional in the room of your choice for no additional cost.

7. Homelegance Pecos Leather Gel Power Reclining Sectional with LED Homelegance Pecos 105" x 117" Leather Gel Power Reclining Sectional with LED, Brown

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The Homelegance Pecos Leather Gel Power Reclining Section with LED is ideal for dog owners that want something big and bold but also love the desirable reclining feature. As this entire sectional can comfortably seat up to six or even seven people at once, and each individual seat carries dimensions of 21.5” (W), 40.5” (D), and 39” (H). Leaving more than enough room for you and your furry friend to cuddle up on a Sunday afternoon.

In addition, this sectional is available with either a manual or power reclining mechanism that can be used to adjust your body to a specific angle to enjoy maximum relaxation. As well as conveniently located LED lights to create the perfect ambiance and USB ports to charge your most important devices without ever having to leave your seat.

Most importantly, this isn’t just a sectional that looks nice, with the entire sofa covered in a breathable Leather Gel material. Which is a type of synthetic leather that’s fused together with a high-performance fabric designed to mimic the feel and appearance of genuine leather. However, it’s also a unit that is built to last thanks to its no-sag seat construction and robust reclining system.

8. ASHCROFT Mid Century Modern Tan Genuine Leather Couch Sectional L-Shape Sofa ASHCROFT Mid Century Modern 92.9" Tan Genuine Leather Couch Sectional L-Shape Sofa Left Chaise Facing for Living Room, Waiting Area, Office, Apartment/Loft/Home Living, in Cognac Tan

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Next up we’ve got the Mid Century Modern Tan Genuine Leather L-Shape Sectional made by ASHCROFT. Which is more of a clean and sleek sofa design perfect for those looking to make a statement in a smaller space, such as a loft, apartment, condo, or smaller living room.

Not only is this inviting sectional made entirely from genuine cognac tan leather, which, once again, is the highest quality of leather that’s said to last five times longer than other traditional fabrics. However, this is a unit that also features high-density foam cushioning and elegant solid wood legs, as well as a base made from kiln-dried eucalyptus wood guaranteed to provide long-lasting comfort.

Furthermore, this sofa is available in either a right or left sectional design, so you can match it perfectly to just about any interior décor. It’s also worth noting that ASHCROFT Furniture is a reputable company that’s provided high-quality furniture throughout the United States for the last six years. As a result, they carry one of the more renowned customer service programs in the industry.

9. Hydeline Belfast 100% Leather Sectional Hydeline Belfast 100% Leather Sectional, 3-Piece, Dark Brown

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With a couple of the previously mentioned models, we’ve highlighted designs that captivate a room and demand attention. Although, if you’re truly looking to provide the utmost sense of elegance and class without sacrificing comfort or durability, there’s no better choice than the Belfast Leather Sectional by Hydeline.

The Belfast features some incredibly impressive details, including a gorgeous hand-applied bronze nailhead trim along the sides, arms, and base of the sectional. As well as stunning button-tufted sides to add an additional sense of charm and luxury. Most importantly, this is another sectional that’s built to withstand the test of time. 

Top-grain genuine leather is used along the seating areas and armrests, while split-grain leather has been utilized along the sides and back. Not only that but each seat is made with premium goose feather and down, pocketed coils, and 2.25 high resiliency foam all built overtop of a durable kiln-dried solid wood base with L-braced and glued corner blocks. Plus, the seat cushions are entirely removable so you can take care of any accidents immediately after they occur, which, as a dog owner, could come in handy when you least expect it.

10. My Aashis Luxury Genuine Leather Abilene Sectional Sofa


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Last on our list of the 10 best leather sectionals for dog owners is the Luxury Genuine Leather Abilene Sectional Sofa by My Aashis. Which falls a little more on the expensive side of the scale compared to some of the previously mentioned models, but at the same time features everything you could ever want in a piece of home furniture.

In terms of size, this stylish and futuristic sectional carries six individual seating areas as well as a chaise lounge with ample storage space along the side. Each seat is around 29” wide, 23” deep, and 29.5” in height, while the chaise is 31.5” wide and 76” deep at the same height. Each cushion is also filled with a durable sponge material and the entire sofa is covered in a sleek top-grain genuine leather available in a variety of different colors (for both the trim and base).

Moreover, this sectional also offers adjustable headrests that can be positioned at multiple angles, a durable wood/metal frame, and vibrant LED lights tucked away on each end of the sofa. Plus, there’s also an option to install three USB ports in a charging station as an add-on, as well as a stylish coffee table to match.

Related Questions

Can You Clean Pet Pee from Leather?

As previously noted, genuine leather is such an appealing material for home furniture because it’s able to retain its natural color and strength over time without fading or peeling. With that said, it’s still not completely invincible, which likely has you concerned when or if your dog has a mishap on your beautiful leather sectional.

Luckily, if you act fast and clean up the mess before it has time to soak in and dry, you can easily clean pee out of leather. To give you an idea of just how easy a process it is, this article can guide you on cleaning pet urine out of leather furniture.

Do Dogs Damage Leather Easily?

The truth is that no matter the breed, no matter how extensive the training, and no matter the environment, all dogs have the potential to cause damage to furniture. The advantage of leather is that it’s more durable and resistant to things like stains, and scratches.

It’s also a lot easier to clean than fabric upholstery which can easily track mud, dirt, slobber, or treat residue, making it more difficult to get rid of. So, I wouldn’t say leather damages easily compared to fabric, but it’s also not completely bulletproof with pets in the house either (not that anything really is anyway).

How Can You Protect Leather Sectional from Dog Scratches?

Outside of standard procedures any pet owner should take to negate this sort of behavior, like proper nail care, shedding control, and boundary training. Anybody looking to protect their leather sectional from dog scratches should also consider investing in a leather protector they can place overtop of the sectional, which will essentially provide an extra layer of protection against damages. Alternatively, you can also use a folded sheet or throw blanket instead.

Final Thoughts

All in all, being a dog owner can certainly be stressful when you’re furniture shopping. As you not only need to consider what you like and want your home to look like but also what’s going to make sense with a rambunctious canine roaming around the property.

Hopefully, this list provided some hope, at the very least, showing you that it’s not completely impossible to furnish your home how you want and find a pet-friendly leather sectional that matches your home décor.