7 Best Dishwashers for Large Families in 2023

So, you’ve officially decided to take the leap, and upgrade to a dishwasher with a bigger capacity, better efficiency, and more features. Typically, the more family members there are in a house, the more dishes there to clean. This is why choosing the right dishwasher is so important, especially when it comes to large families.

Some dishwashers are going to have certain performance settings which can make cleaning the dishes more effective, while others will simply just have more space to fit more dishes.

All in all, there are a number of serious considerations to think about if you are a large family looking to buy a new dishwasher, and to help you get started we have helped to outline a few of them below.

What to Consider When Buying A Dishwasher for Large Families?

Having the Highest Capacity Per Load

One of the very first things you are going to need to consider is the amount of space that you’re going to have per load. When dealing with larger families, you are likely going to have larger loads (and more frequent loads). So, capacity is debatably the most important thing to consider when looking for a good dishwasher. Consider things like: Does it have a 3rd rack? How much space does it hold internally? What are the customer reviews like? Etc. If it doesn’t fit, or won’t hold an adequate amount of dishes, then it’s not worth it.

Quality and Reliability

Obviously, the more people you have, the more dishes you use, the more cycles you are likely to run. This is why it is so important to have a reliable option of quality, this way you won’t have to keep cycling through expensive appliances. Paying attention to specific brands to prioritize (and avoid) is essential for this process to flow smoothly. Certain brands are going to be more reputable than others when it comes down to dishwashers specifically. So, don’t feel pressured to conform when you see all your neighbors buying the newest LG dishwasher, quality brand doesn’t always equate to quality performance.

More Setting Options

Everything these days revolves around convenience, and your dishwasher should be no different. Consider what settings you may want (or need) to make the entire process easier on you. Look into things like: Quick Wash, Smart features, Lock controls, and the overall intensity of each cycle. Most new dishwashers are made with a variety of features that are built with convenience in mind. Just be aware of what specific things you may want, or need to make the process easier on you.

7 Best Dishwashers for Large Families

1. Bosch SHXM63WS5N – 24” 300-series Fully Integrated Dishwasher (LARGEST CAPACITY)

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When it comes down to finding the right dishwasher for a big family, the Bosch 300-series 24” design checks off all the boxes. This unit comes with adjustable racks, a convenient V-shaped 3rd rack, and room for 16 place settings. Offering up to 30% more capacity than other dishwashers. While Bosch does offer other options that come with a more flexible 3rd rack, and lower sound rating (500 and 800 series), their 300-series rates the highest across all major retailers (Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.).

Even the item’s decibel rating is nothing outrageous (44dBA), and it ranks as Bosch’s #1 model according to users. It’s even been regarded as the #1 best dishwasher by Wirecutter due to its effectiveness during the cleaning process, the convenient Speed60 cycle (washes and dries dishes in 1 hour), and its reliability.

Plus, it’s Energy Star qualified and offers 5 different wash cycles. You will also have peace of mind knowing that Bosch is renowned for its world-class customer service, and exceptional warranties. If something goes wrong, you will have a warranty that covers both labor and parts for the 1st year, and a 5-year warranty for the racks, and electrical system (tub and door liner covered for life).

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We give this Bosch dishwasher a 9.7/10 family overall rating.

2. GE GDT695SGJWW – 24” Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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GE is another brand that is highly regarded in the dishwasher community, in fact (according to users) their 24” Fully Integrated Dishwasher is the 2nd best large-capacity dishwasher on the market. This tremendous unit can accommodate 16 place settings, and it comes with adjustable racks that are durable yet flexible.

It is also Energy Star qualified and has 4 different wash cycles (including a heavy-duty) cycle. This popular GE model is perfect for large families due to all of the increased performance, and convenience features. The tub of the dishwasher itself is made with a durable stainless-steel material, and carries a low noise rating of 45 dBA. Plus, this unit comes with a small indicator light above the handle that can change colors when a cycle is running low or has finished.

The cycle features are some of the most innovative as well, including some of the popular features like: Delay (up to 12 hours), Steam, Temperature Select (Boost and Sanitize), and Heated Dry. And this is one of the few options that allows you to wash the upper or lower racks only. The GE GDT695SGJWW is the ideal model for big families that want a quality dishwasher, without having to break the bank.  All in all, users report a very-high satisfaction rating with the GE 24” Fully Integrated Dishwasher and rank it 3rd for quality amongst all dishwashers (the #1 best GE model).

We give this GE dishwasher a 9.5/10 family overall rating.

3. Samsung – DW80R9950US (QUIETEST)

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When you think dishwasher, you may or may not think of Samsung. But in actuality, Samsung is climbing up the ranks as one of the better brands on the market. And their Samsung DW80R9950US model illustrates one of the better items available with one of the quietest cycles (39 dBA), as well as a super flexible 3rd rack.

In fact, this unit is so quiet that it’s been labeled as “whisper quiet”, so you can run it at any point in the day and you won’t have to worry about disrupting guests, neighbors, or your cranky aunt. One guarantee is that with all Samsung products (and LG), you are going to get a high-tech, convenient system with top-tier smart features. With this unit, you will have the ability to keep track of the cycles using your smartphone. All you need is a solid Wi-Fi connection, and you can see the time remaining for each cycle, and keep track for your own convenience.

This unit is ultra-efficient when it comes to the cleaning process as well, with an array of swish features including a sliding spray back with powerful jets to provide corner-to-corner wash coverage. It stands tall as another Energy Star certified dishwasher, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be saving a little money, and the environment as well. With a bright LED front-panel display and a variety of new cycle features, the Samsung DW80R9950US is one of the best units on the market for larger families.

We give this Samsung dishwasher a 9.5/10 family overall rating.

4. Bosch SHXM78W54N 24″ 800 Series

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The Bosch 300-series is widely regarded as the better-rated unit, however, Bosch is one of the worldwide leaders for appliances (especially dishwashers), and has numerous options for large families. And their Bosch 800-Series 24-inch dishwasher is family-friendly, and jam-packed with features. Including a versatile 6 cycle count spanning from Auto to Eco, and Quick Cycle. Plus, this amazing unit comes with a 3rd rack for cutlery, an adjustable upper rack, and an additional cutlery/utensil basket at the bottom rack.

The Bosch 800 Series SHXM78W54N offers top-notch performance and provides premium space for all of your utensils with their adjustable 3rd rack (offers 30% more loading capacity). On top of the fact that this is one of the quietest models on the market with an overall rating of 44 dBA. This dishwasher also features a water softener for spot-free shiny dishes, as well as an AquaStop Plus 4-Part leak protection system. If you are looking to buy for a large family, and want the best performance, for a reasonable price, then do not overlook the Bosch SHXM78W54N 800 series.

We give this Bosch dishwasher a 9.6/10 family overall rating.

5. Frigidaire – FFID2426TD

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Another staple in the game is Frigidaire, so one shouldn’t be shocked to see them land in the top 5. Their 24” Stainless-Steel Dishwasher is Energy Star certified that is built for larger families with a massive capacity including 16 place settings. It also has a BladeSpray and OrbitClean spray arm which will help to give you more coverage during the cleaning process, enabling a more thorough clean with each cycle.

This unit comes with a variety of different cycles, including a scheduling feature allowing you to plan your dishwasher to run through the cycle for up to 2, 4, and 6 hours. This unique dishwasher is NSF certified, and it is guaranteed to remove 99.9% of bacteria with every cycle. Plus, it has DishSense technology which will automatically adjust your cycle time based on how much cleaning is necessary.

The Frigidaire 24” Stainless-Steel Dishwasher comes with multiple cycles (heavy wash, normal wash, top rack, rinse only), and a Polymer interior with a heated dry system to make the drying process easier. This is also one of the more convenient models to command, as it comes with quick and easy touch controls and an aid indicator light. This Frigidaire model is one of the top units in this year because it is super easy to install/operate, it’s super spacious with adjustable racks and large capacity, and it has world-class customer reviews.

We give this Frigidaire dishwasher a 9/10 family overall rating.

6. KitchenAid KDTM404KPS

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The KitchenAid KDTM404KPS model is another exceptional option for any large family in need of a stylish solution. This elegant design comes with a fingerprint-resistant stainless-steel exterior, as well as a convenient 3rd adjustable rack for increased space, and convenience. And the top rack has specialized tines, and spray jets for bowls, and tall glasses, so you will have more flexibility when loading up the dishwasher. The unit itself has an impressive overall capacity limit, as you can fit up to 16 different place settings (compared to the average 14).

Plus, this unit comes with two cutlery baskets (one in the bottom rack, and one in the 3rd rack), and the middle rack can be lowered, and raised to accommodate awkward dish layouts. One thing that helps to set this dishwasher apart from the rest is the 3rd rack’s “FreeFlex” feature, which allows the tines to be deeply angled so that it can accommodate 6” glasses/coffee mugs. When placed on Normal, or Tough cycles, expect this KitchenAid unit to remove 99.9% of stains. And this Is also another reasonably quiet unit, with an overall rating of 44 dBA.

In conclusion, the KitchenAid KDTM404KPS is the perfect model for big families who are concerned about space, and flexibility. However, keep in mind that this unit is somewhat slower than some others presented on this list (Express Wash = 74 minutes/Normal Cycle = 160 minutes). So, just keep this in mind as you continue on with your search.

 We give this KitchenAid dishwasher an 8.6/10 family overall rating.

7. Frigidaire – FFCD2418US

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Another exceptional Frigidaire model is their 24” built-in dishwasher with up to 14 place settings and 5 different wash cycles. This model is one of the top-rated dishwashers for big families because of its massive load capacity, and professional cleaning options. It also comes with a variety of cleaning options to choose from, including energy saver plus, light (1 hour), normal wash, power-plus (heavy wash), and rinse only.

This model also comes with a control lock to allow for better functionality, and security, as well as 3 separate spray arms that are designed to thoroughly clean each dish, with each cycle. Plus, it’s also NSF certified to remove 99.9% of household bacteria with each cycle, and it’s Energy Star certified, which will help you to save money in the long run as well. Much like other models on this list, you will have the option to schedule your dishwasher to run with a 4-our delay start. And since this unit operates rather quietly (55 dBA), you won’t have to worry about waking the kids if you want to run a late cycle.

Not to mention the fact that this Frigidaire model comes with a self-filtration system to help eliminate food particles while keeping your dishes clean. Safe to say that the Frigidaire 24” Built-In Dishwasher is one of the better options for large families due to the huge load capacity, quiet noise features, and thorough cleaning features. This model’s durability is not to be questioned either due to the unit’s strong polymer washtub, allowing for safe, practical, and long-lasting performance.

We give this Frigidaire dishwasher an 8.6/10 family overall rating.

Final Thoughts

To finish things off, there are numerous options for large families when it comes to finding an adequate dishwasher. Many of the options presented above come with 14-16 place settings, a 3rd rack, and relatively quiet cycles (some are louder than others).

Much of your decision is going to come down to preference, price, and performance.

However, we believe the 7 options presented above are the top units on the market this year, especially when it comes to accommodating large families.